Knee Length Skirts in the UK

From micro-mini to floor-grazing maxi, different skirt hem lengths were on trend at different times. And now it's time for the knee length. Skirts hitting just above or just below the knee are back in style and having their moment. Often associated with workwear and school uniform, modern knee-length skirts are much more than that. Looking classy and modest, they can be built into a whole number of different outfits that dress you up and down and make you look elegant and refined or keep you on the fashion edge. So, free some space in your wardrobe and go on scrolling to replenish your private collection with a classic staple.

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Svetlana Stennikova Svetlana Stennikova

Beautiful perfect outfit for autumn. Elegant red skirt with silky black top . Cream scarf and gorgeous black coat with fur hood . Low heel black boots . Small black bag to finish the look. And if the sun shines sunglasses come handy too .
Battle Bee
autumn sun

Find Your Perfect Knee-Length Skirt Just like dresses, skirts are part and parcel of a woman’s wardrobe. Though not making up an entire look, skirts are extremely wearable since they give you much more freedom to combine outfits varying in style, mood, and feel. Modern fashion trends are very dynamic and accept all hem lengths. Yet, with so many skirt styles and cuts available, finding a perfect skirt seems nearly impossible. However, one thing we can say for sure is that you can never go wrong with a knee-length skirt. It’s a universally flattering hem length that looks good on any figure, matches any height, and is appropriate for all occasions and environments. It provides enough coverage to look modest and still reveals some leg to achieve some sort of appeal if you want. So, let’s see how to choose a knee-length skirt that will suit you best. Start by picking a proper hem length for your height. Some would say knee-length skirts are not for short gals. That’s not true. If you are petite, simply give preference to high-waist models running below the knee. They have an amazing elongating effect, making both your frame and legs visually longer. In the meantime, taller beauties will look balanced wearing hems hitting right in the mid-calf point. And if you have an average height, you can afford any knee length, and the body type will be your major focus. Thus, the next aspect to consider while choosing a knee-length skirt is your body type. No matter if you are slim and skinny or curvy and have some extra here and there, a knee-length skirt shouldn’t be too plain or boring. It should complement your assets instead. So, dismiss those boxy straight models and turn your eyes to knee-length pencil skirts, A-line models, wrap skirts, and flared numbers. A bodycon silhouette is the best way to give a proper trim to hourglass curves. Cinching the waist and skimming the hips, a pencil skirt will perfectly hug hourglass shapes and create a sharp look. The same effect will be achieved with knee-length split skirts that will expose more leg in a very delicate manner. To celebrate beautiful legs and mask a bit heavy midriff of apples, turn your eyes to pleated knee-length skirts. Softly folding pleats are camouflaging, balancing, and flirty too. A-line skirts are a perfect choice for pear-shaped bodies that need to minimise the hipline and make the whole bottom look slimmer while sporty rectangles will get more feminine curves and look amazing when wearing skirts with a rich flare.