Women's Peplum Tops in the UK

Extremely popular more than a decade ago and having been out of the fashion forefront since then, peplum tops are here again. The trend is obviously back, so go for it! The good news is that a top design nipping at the waist and flaring to the hip works to accentuate an hourglass silhouette and looks flattering on any figure. Even if you have some extra on your belly, the peplum will hide it by creating an extremely ladylike and delicate look. Today, peplum tops range from boho style chiffon blouses to sharp snug-fitting tops with perfectly shaped ruffles below the waist to office-style tank tops with mild peplums and beautiful corset-like models with flirty ruffled trimming. And we have them for you.

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A Brand-New Vision on a Peplum Trend Hip accentuating and waist-cinching peplum tops have been big during the recent seasons. Peplum pieces showcase on runways and store shelves more and more often and are widely favoured by celebrities and fashion experts alike. And there is really a lot to like about the peplum trend. Peplum style perfectly defines the waistline and narrows down the waist, meanwhile hiding any problematic spots and irregularities in the belly and upper hip area. It works to create balanced hourglass proportions and give a whole figure a nice feminine touch. Recently, peplum tops have been given a fashion reboot and today, you can wear them in many stylish ways again. To make a peplum top work like a charm for your body shape, it’s essential to choose a proper model. Thus, sleeveless peplum tops in tank design and crew-neck models with a flared or multilayered peplum will create beautiful feminine curves for sporty figures. Apple-shaped figures with fuller busts will greatly benefit from sleeved body-fitting models with V-necks and delicate peplums covering the belly and upper hips. Creating an illusion of a narrower waist, such peplum tops will also offset the overall bulkiness of the torso and make the full breast look well-shaped. Gals with pear bodies will look great in high-neck peplum tops and models with puffy sleeves, all of them ideally balancing a heavier bottom and slimmer shoulders while accentuating the waist. And petite cuties can afford pretty much any peplum top, including patterned pieces. When it comes to styling, obviously enough, peplum tops look their best with fitted bottoms. Skinny jeans, pencil and bodycon skirt, and cigarette trousers are peplum top best friends. However, modern trends dictate their own rules and allow for more unusual bundles. With that, peplum top combos with pleated skirts and wide-leg trousers look very stylish and well-set while elegant peplum tops teamed with flared jeans or trousers, culottes, or tapered trouser designs will really keep you on the fashion edge.