Women's Crop Tops in the UK

Crop tops have come a long way from saucy 1980s gym outfits and now they are all over the high street. They are bold, fashion-forward, and ultimately comfy. And, believe us or not, they are no longer exclusively for skinny girls. Crop tops are flattering for any body type. Available in dozens of cuts and styles, our assortment of crop tops allows every woman to find her favourite length and fit to show off her body whilst keeping the overall look balanced. This collection can be matched with high-waisted pants, shorts and skirts the way you like it. We have trendy tops that are perfect for just any occasion.

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Guilt-free Ways of Wearing Crop Tops for Any Occasion Crop tops have always been around. And even though they may seem nothing new, the crop tops of today differ from the ones Spice Girls used to wear. Halter tops, cropped long-sleeve blouses, and tiny tube tops have made a grown-up comeback with sophisticated lace details and sexy sheer materials. Plus, no longer crop tops are summer staples. They are currently a big winter trend, too. Ahead, we reveal some tips on how to sport crop tops in any season without being criticised at all. One of the easiest ways of styling a crop top is to slide on a pair of jeans. It goes amazingly well with all kinds of jeans, be it skinny, high-waisted, or mommy trousers. Yet, if you’d like to make your look work-appropriate, we strongly recommend hiding your top in high-waisted styles. Most cropped tops, except for bralettes, will sit just right by the waistline of high-waisted jeans or trousers. Also, we’d suggest trying crop tops that cover your shoulders. To make the style even more office-preppy, you can hide just about any crop top under a jacket or buttoned blazer. Take one of winter’s best fashion tricks and layer a mock neck top with a suit jacket. This way, you’ll create an effortless office ensemble and an after-work look all in one. You can give your cropped t-shirt a modern update by pairing it with a sexy, midi silky skirt. For a more casual look, you can wear a denim skirt, flowy top, and a statement neckpiece. A crop top that lands just above your natural waistline can be wonderfully mixed and matched with maxi skirts for a lovely summer day outfit. Don’t fear to try asymmetric hemlines, off-shoulder styles, or flowy silhouettes, as well as to play up with prints and colours. Just find a flattering style for your body and stick to the golden fashion rule that the shorter the top is, the longer the bottom should be. This way, you’ll avoid looking overexposed and trashy.