Women's Cotton Shirts in the UK

A classic cotton shirt is a basic piece of a female wardrobe, which can be worn in many different ways. You can wear it with suits to look professional at a business meeting or combine it with casual garments to create a laid-back look for a day out. When it comes to shirts with 3/4 sleeves, they are just perfect for summer, though if you put them under a sweater or a blazer, they can be easily worn in winter, too. Cotton shirts are so versatile there's hardly an occasion they won't suit. Besides, they are available in a variety of prints, colours, cuts, and styles so there should be something special for everyone!

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Casual Look With a Cotton Shirt A basic long-sleeve shirt made of cotton is a perfect option for a formal outfit, which should be in the wardrobe of every business lady. You can wear it with suits or simply with formal trousers and skirts. And if your office dress code doesn’t require formal outfits and you prefer casual outfits to classy ones, you can purchase a cotton shirt, too. So, if you are looking for a way to incorporate a cotton shirt in your wardrobe, here are some trendy looks you can use it for. A dress and a cotton shirt on top of it will be a great idea for a casual outing. Choose a simple monochrome dress and a printed shirt (or vice versa) to create a bright and interesting outfit. Just make sure the colours of both pieces go well together. If you are not sure about prints, go for a monochrome look. A solid shirt and a dress of the same colour but of different shades will be an especially winning combo. As for design, there are really no limits. You can opt for a straight dress and leave a shirt unbuttoned or choose a skater dress and tie the shirt on the waist. If you are looking for a beautiful outfit for a summer day that won’t make you hot, we suggest wearing a pair of shorts and a short-sleeve or even a completely sleeveless shirt made of thin cotton. The model with a bright floral or tropical print will help create a great summer mood. If you don’t like shorts, go for a summer skirt of your favourite length instead. One of the most popular casual looks with a shirt is a jeans/shirt combination. Such an outfit is a universal choice for many occasions: from running errands to a simple walk in the park. Just wear it with your favourite pair of gym shoes, and you will look stylish even on a very busy day. A nice fashion choice would also be to opt for jeans and a T-shirt of the same or similar colour and wear an unbuttoned shirt on top to create a nice accent. If you want something a little bit fancier (when heading for a cafe brunch, for example), wear a shirt with a pair of high heels or platform shoes.