Linen Dresses in the UK

Eco-friendly and natural, linen will keep you comfy and sweat-free on hotter days. So, it's no wonder linen dresses are timeless summer staples. Ideal for country style and beach style, linen gowns also work for city street style and smart casual office outfits. Meanwhile, boho connotations inspired by the '70s are good for leisure parties, folk concerts, or some other special occasions. Yet another linen gown will never go amiss in a wardrobe of a dress stan or a bold fashionista. And we have a whole lot of those lightweight frocks to match both more traditional and up-to-the-minute looks.

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How to Wear a Summer Staple in Winter Traditionally, linen is considered to be appropriate for a warmer season. And for most of us, linen dresses are associated with sunny days, beach strolls, and sea breeze. However, who said that linen is only for summer? This fabric comes in different weave patterns and textures that vary in thickness, density, and quality. With that, a linen dress can be a great winter option too. Feel surprised or confused? Let us take you into this and prove that a linen gown can be a functional part of a winter wardrobe. First and foremost, for a colder season, we talk about thicker linen fabrics. It’s not only because they will make you feel warmer but also because they will look more appropriate in winter outfits. And pick those fabrics in so-called winter colours. Darker tones like burgundy, indigo, deep green, emerald, and mustard, all earthy shades and tartan, plaid, or checkered patterns are a go-to for autumn and winter. Besides, those colours and prints inherently enhance the natural vibe peculiar for linen clothing. Since linen is prone to wrinkling and creasing, it works better in loose and relaxed fits more appropriate for casual style. With some sort of authenticity and vintage flair to them, winter linen dresses look their best with flats, Chelseas, and Oxfords for warmer months and ankle boots or lace-up boots for more chilly days. Exquisite heels and pointed toes will look a bit dissonant with a linen frock. Meanwhile, block and chunky heels and rough soles will suit like a charm. Besides, wellington boots will dress your gown down for a rainy day and riding boots or trendy pipe-shaped heeled knee-highs will perfectly elevate the look. In winter, we are officially allowed to layer. To accentuate the linen cosiness, play with similar natural textures like wool and cotton. A chunky knit or tailored sweater and classic wool coat over a linen dress will set up a perfect winter outfit. And black dense tights will be an ideal final note.