Blazer Dresses in the UK

Everything can be turned into a dress, even a blazer. Being one of the hottest trends around, blazer dresses look ultimately sassy and stylish. Long-sleeved or sleeveless, cinched at the waist or loose, a blazer dress pops up all throughout Instagram feeds and red carpets. The most popular celebrities have already embraced this trend completely, so if you still don't own a blazer dress, it's high time that you tried one from our stylish selection of attires that stream ultimate sexy power we all love to express.

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What’s Underneath? An elongated blazer is no longer a part of suit you typically wear to the office. It’s the fashion staple that gals can rock for any event from dinners with friends to some swanky black-tie affairs. However, being one of the hottest pieces out there, this button-up dress with a very plunging decollete is also one of the trickiest things to style. To prevent those embarrassing oops situations, you may want to follow some of the styling tips below. Do you know how to make a blazer feel really sexy? Lose the trousers. If you’d like to show off your beautiful legs, wear a blazer dress alone without tights or socks. Yet, if you’re not confident enough about wearing such a mini dress completely bare-legged, you can team it with knee-high shoes that give some coverage and warmth to your legs, without ruining an ultra-sexy look. Not enough? A blazer dress can easily elevate a pair of leggings. Stirrup styles and leather “second-skin” leggings worn over pointed boots will work best with a buttoned mini dress. When it comes to underwear, many celebrities go braless under a blazer dress, and if you’re brave enough and comfortable doing that too, cool. If not, we suggest wearing your most fabulous bralette with a new blazer dress to show it off. As for bottoms, we believe that staying at the more conservative side is key. Shapewear panties will be both functional and comfortable with such a risque type of dress. They will give you a generous amount of coverage, meaning you won’t end up showing more skin than you’ve planned. The best part about blazer dresses is that they are not limited to accessorising options. You are free to add distinctly un-“corporate” pieces like chunky boots, sparkly earrings, or statement necklaces that will draw the eye to all the features you’d like to emphasise.