Women's Cotton Sweaters in the UK

Natural fabrics will never go out of style. And cotton is one of them. Wear-resistant, breathable and hypoallergenic, this material is perfectly suited for soft, comfy, and nice-to-the-touch sweaters and cardigans for a warmer season. We have oversized jumpers and floaty jersey cardigans, knitted sweaters and sporty hoodies and pullovers, sleek turtlenecks, and cropped tops to perfectly team with mom jeans, cigarette pants, leggins, wide-leg trousers, culottes, all sorts of skirts, and pinafores. Ideal for casual, urban, and street style, cotton sweaters and cardigans will help you create both laid-back multi-layered outfits and more restrained and classy looks.

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Top Reasons to Get a Cotton Sweater When the weather gets colder and the holiday season is fast approaching, cotton sweaters are among the top pieces that come to mind when creating oh-so-comfy and chic outfits. And there are many reasons for this. First and foremost, a cotton sweater keeps you warm, looks great, and works with pretty much any clothing item from your wardrobe. This is especially true when it comes to cotton V-neck sweaters which can be worn alone and/or over buttoned-up shirts and are considered to be universally versatile. If you assume that basically all-cotton pieces are too light to wear when the frost begins to bite your cheeks and nose, you're mistaken.Just as lighter and heavier wool sweaters, winter cotton sweaters have been designed specifically for wear during freezing temperature so they’ll keep you toasty and warm. That being said, take note that sweaters that have a finer finish are usually not as warm as sweaters with a more pronounced texture (brushed or combed), though both options will retain the warmth. You may also find sweaters made of polyester and cotton blends. They repel moisture better and regulate body heat more effectively. Therefore, athletes and those who move a lot may find them a very useful piece to add to their wardrobe. Typically, sport cotton sweaters, hoodies, and sweatshirts are made with the addition of polyester. Soft, breathable, and highly absorbent, they can keep you cool even when you’re working out. In addition, cotton sweaters are quite forgiving and not that clingy as pieces made from other materials. They can smooth the bulges and accentuate your best features. The key is to get the right fit and choose the flattering style of sweater for your body type. Lastly, we would like to note that cotton sweaters are much easier to care for compared to ultra-gentle cashmere and wool sweaters. Cotton pieces can be safely thrown into your washing machine to let it do the dirty work. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.