Women's High Waist Shorts in the UK

High waisted shorts have made their way into the mainstream fashion and become a staple gracing the wardrobes of most girls. They come in a wide array of styles and colours and are wearable for just about anyone. High waisted shorts pair well with all types of tops and can be blended into a dozen styles from something casual for walks and strolls in the park to more mature and elegant wear. To make your choice easier, we've scoured the web and gathered all the top trends of this summer here!

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High waisted shorts have made a comeback Have you noticed how the waistline on skirts, trousers and now shorts has risen inches higher? This isn't an illusion. High waisted shorts are in and grace the wardrobes of gals from all around the world. Personally we love them too: they make our tummies look slimmer, legs longer and butts more defined and shapely. Plus, they have just the right length so you won’t need to constantly pull them down, which makes them more functional and practical too. If you love this fad too but aren’t sure how to wear and what to wear with high waisted shorts, read on to find the latest high fashion tips! Go short-shorts. If you’d love to show off your legs and make them look visually longer, go for a really short cut of shorts, something with a ripped edge or a rolled hem. These shorts will elongate your legs, balance the length of a high waistline and keep you from looking stumpy. Experiment with shirts. Just like you tuck your shirt in jeans or trousers, you can tuck your shirt in high waisted shorts. This is a great way to highlight your waist and show off your brand new shorts. Dress them up. Though shorts are generally associated with casual style, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t wear them with heels. Heels boost women’s confidence and allow us to feel good about our bodies. Try a button-down top. You can’t go wrong pairing a T-shirt or tank with high waisted shorts. This combo always looks chic and trendy. But try teaming your shorts with a button-down dress shirt and you’ll transform your look completely, adding to it glamour and elegance. Consider wearing crop tops. If you are not afraid to reveal some of your skin, pair high waisted shorts with a crop top. Crop tops with shorts reveal only a small part of your waist but make it look really tiny. Exude confidence. The beauty about high waisted shorts is that they come in such a variety of styles it will be easy for everyone to find the right pair. Rock them with grace, hold your head high, and you’ll turn heads as you go!