Women's Pantsuit Suits in the UK

Suits or matchy coords are part and parcel of any modern fashionista's wardrobe. And a pantsuit or trouser suit is surely the first option that will come to mind. A combo of jacket or blazer and trousers in matching colours and fabrics looks very complete, well-coordinated, and stylish. Used to be associated with office style, modern trouser suits are so diverse that there are models to match different scenes and situations. From classy work iterations to edgy street chic versions to high-profile evening ensembles, modern pantsuits are anything but boring and old-fashioned. So, even if you have one, yet another coord will never go amiss.

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Wear It Beyond the Office Women’s trouser suits have a checkered past. Once illegal and then widely popularised, today, women’s trouser suits are back in style and really trending. Partly due to the fact that modern women became much more independent and confident and mostly because fast-paced modern life calls for maximum comfort, feminine fashion has shifted towards menswear-inspired styles and clothing. Hence, trouser suits got back in full force to meet the needs of modern gals. However, the whole style greatly evolved and was revamped not only to maintain the women's social role but also to match the current fashion trends. Now trouser suits are the biggest seasonal hit you can wear to work, formally, casually, or boldly. They are definitely here to stay and we have some styling ideas to inspire you. Embracing the tradition, there are a lot of modern trouser suits good for the office. Grey, brown, black, and plaid pantsuits are still in style and easily mix into professional looks with blouses, shirts, and classy heels. In the meantime, to give your work style a modernised spin, you can opt for oversized coords with wide-leg trousers and boxy blazers or pick culottes, tapered or cropped trousers instead of regular straight-leg bottoms. Besides, if you swap a blouse for a humble tee and replace classy heels with oxfords or contrasting colour heels, you’ll rock a smart casual office look, which is also appropriate for many other casual settings. To hit the street style chic and aesthetics, turn your eyes to trouser suits in bold seasonal colours like magenta, cobalt blue, mustard or even canary yellow, bright green, and crimson. The shoes in neutral or vice versa vibrant colours will nail down the look and trainers could give it an off-duty twist. Thus, a yellow trouser suit with bright-pink stilettos will set up a statement-making preppy look. One of the best pantsuit staples is a white trouser suit that has the right power to match a business ladys style and enough sophistication to meet high-profile dress-code. Thus, a slouchy white coord with a blue cotton shirt and low heels in beige will easily bring you to a business lunch or a conference meeting while a white tuxedo suit with red, blue, or green statement heels will make an edgy and stylish formal look. Velvet trouser suits with a strong vintage feel to them are new seasonal faves. On-trend models come in rich and deep shades such as dark green, chocolate brown, burgundy, ink blue, and deep purple, not to mention classic black iterations. Paired with heels and lacy tops, those posh suits will work for a whole lot of evening affairs including formal ones. Or you can follow fashion influencers and wear a velvet suit casually by pairing it with plain tops and Chelseas, loafers, or even trainers.