Straight Dresses in the UK

A straight dress is the top choice of sophisticated women. It looks ultimately classy and chic. Available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, a straight dress has plenty of pizzazz and can become a showstopper at just any event. From nights out in a swanky restaurant to working hours in an office, there is a perfect straight dress for everyone.

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Although straight dresses are typically found in knee-length (or shorter) and are cut straight with no waistline, there is one detail that makes each dress unique - its neckline. And our handy guide will help you find the perfect dress according to your body shape peculiarities. If you have a small to medium bust and wide shoulders, you will look ultimately flattering in an elegant dress with a crew neck. And since this neckline doesn’t demand much, you can pair your dress with small earrings to complete your look. Pear-shaped women with small to medium bust and slender shoulders can safely go with a boat neck. It offers the most coverage and can balance a wide midsection. You can rock your dress with a long plunging necklace that will draw the eyes to the centre. But in case you have wide shoulders and medium to large bust, you should better choose a shift dress with a halter neckline. Halter dresses are great for showing off your shoulders and creating a balancing effect. And no necklace is needed for this type of dress. You can pair it with statement earrings or let the halter neckline speak for itself. Straight dresses with a scoop neck are flattering for almost all body types! This deep and wide neckline visually elongates your neck and accentuates your collarbone. Plus, it can create the illusion of a larger bust. Another versatile option is a V-neck straight dress. It creates a thinner and longer silhouette and can be matched with a wide variety of accessories. The only thing to note is that girls with smaller busts should go with a less dramatic plunge, while those with larger busts should opt for a deeper V line to balance their figure.