Women's Wide Leg White Trousers in the UK

White wide-leg trousers look very attractive and flattering on anyone. In white wide-leg trousers, you'll never go unnoticed and will turn heads for sure. Adding some sort of drama to the whole look, wide-leg trousers in white easily pair with a variety of different garments to set up elegant and more relaxed looks for different occasions. It's a type of trousers that can bring you from desk to cocktails to weekends in an instant. Ready to cheat on your basic black trousers? Then check our collection of white wide-leg pants to find an alternative to your favourite bottom piece.

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Styling White Wide-Leg Trousers High and Low There are some clothing pieces that look cool and fashionable on others but seem very difficult to style. Wide-leg trousers that have recently made a huge come back to the fashion scene are one of those pieces. However, is it so difficult to pull them in stylish outfits? Well, not really, and street fashionistas and celebs who embrace the wide-leg trouser trend in many elegant and edgy ways prove it. So, below, you’ll find some tips to help you rock your white wide-leg trousers with confidence and in style. White is an effortless choice for summer. So are linen and cotton that make the base of any summer wardrobe. With that in mind, cotton white wide-leg trousers are having a moment this season. Breezy and lightweight, they can be built into a variety of outfits but look especially cool with light-blue and striped or matching white button-down shirts, humble tees, and stretchy crop tops. Most modern models come in a high-waist design that adds length to your figure by default. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with heels. Traditionally, heeled sandals can add more appeal and further polish your look. Meanwhile, cropped models ideally pair with trainers, slides, and flat mules or even slip-ons to embrace relaxed casualty. Though many steer away from white trousers in winter, the latest fashion trends give them a thumbs up - just consider all those monochrome creamy white looks that can be constantly spotted on the streets! Therefore, if you seek a way to look irresistibly chic and give your winter style a totally different daring spin, try building your ensemble around wide-leg trousers, an oversized cashmere sweater, a classy wool coat, and block heel ankle boots, all coordinated in the same while colour. Similar to their siblings in black, white wide-leg trousers work wonders for evening styles. For a lush and sassy evening look, don white satin wide-leg trousers with a matching corset top or camisole and wear statement heels to nail down the elegance. And for a glam-like touch, bundle your evening trousers with a lace or sequin top in some contrasting colour. To add a bit of drama to your evening look, choose trousers grazing the floor. To tell a few words about colour palettes, you’ll never go wrong by teaming white with pastels, neutrals, and basic colours. Thus, black, grey, beige, nude, and nude are always foolproof options. Notably, white wide-leg trousers can make a fashion-forward stylish twist on a habitual white top with a black bottom combo and look chic and stylish with an all-black top and jacket or coat. On the other hand, though, white trousers allow for literally any colour pair. So, brighter colours, bolder shades, and fancy prints will work as well.