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While many apparels have body type compatibility limitations, V-neck dresses are different. They can make just any women look alluring and ultimately elegant. A V-neckline dress creates a visually flattering effect on you, hugging your figure in all the right places and emphasises your best features. And since this type of dress has such a versatile neckline, you can play with your accessories as you wish. Depending on what event you're going to visit, you can choose dresses with a lower or higher neckline. And no matter the depth, you can be sure you'll make heads turn as you go.

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Mayra Conde de assis Mayra Conde de assis

A perfect dress that matched perfectly my skin ton. Summer vibe. Dress bought on promotion from £25 to £10. Matched perfectly with my same tiger pather as the dress, my sandal also has some fake cristals on top to give an amazing touch. The dress is a bit loose so I added my white belt also with my cristals on it, to make my waist tinner and also to give an special look to my style. I loved it and everyone looked at me everywhere i went.

The Best Ways to Style Deep V-neck Dresses Taking the plunge with a beautiful V-neck dress will surely help you make a huge statement during the next cocktail party or any upscale event. Deep necklines have always been by far the biggest and sexiest trend to show off your femininity, bring out the beauty of your best features, and hide some sins. For example, a V-neck dress can elongate your whole body, making it an ideal choice for women with a short or wide neck. It can also be the saving grace for ladies with broad shoulders as it tends to bring them together visually or for someone with a square face. All that being said, a dress with a V-neckline can suit women of all shapes and sizes because it flatters just any figure. Also, it’s a winning choice for any occasion, be it a prom, a party or a formal event. However, it may be quite easy to go overboard with a deep neckline, so we would like to give you some tips on how to pull off your V-neck dress and stay on the sophisticated side of sexiness. First of all, you should choose the right bra to wear under your dress. Depending on your bust size, you’ll need to go for a supportive bra that will plunge deep in front. Also, you can try wearing a boob tape that can give you some lift, boost cleavage, add contour, and provide you with the confidence you need. When rocking a deep V-neck dress, you need to make your neckline a focal point rather than your breast or lower body. Wearing statement jewellery such as a deep pendant or a choker is always a good idea, especially if your dress is on the shorter side. A string of pearls can also go well with your outfit. Yet, remember that the biggest beauty in wearing a V-neck dress is that it showcases your neckline. That’s why the last thing you want is to reveal a dull skin. To enhance your look and boost your confidence, we recommend exfoliating and moisturising your skin, and then applying a bronzer to make your neckline glowing and healthy-looking.