A-line Dresses in the UK

Narrow in the waist and flowy in the bottom, A-line dresses are irresistibly cool and scream out femininity. Drawing the eyes to the narrowest part of your torso, they balance the whole silhouette accentuating your curves in a proper way. Structured tops and flared hems make A-line gowns a holy grail for any figure. And we have them in numbers here to help you find a gorgeous A-line frock for any occasion. Dressing for a date, cocktail, party, wedding, or a work meeting, we'll get you covered.

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A Dress to Impress Need a dress to impress? While a lot gals would set their eyes on bodycons, deep decolletes, and open backs straight away, a dress that will impress is the one that will show the best of your figure without exposing too much. And A-line dresses have that unique potential, with many more other benefits behind them. As the name suggests, this type of gown has an A-line shape with a skirt fitting in the waist and hips and gradually flaring to the bottom. Though frocks with flared bottoms are not new and have existed for centuries, the term A-line appeared in 1955 when Christian Dior released his famous “A-line collection. With a whole variety of silhouettes in it, it was the look made up by a flared jacket worn over a pleated skirt setting a perfect A shape that gave rise to A-line trends among other legendary designers. Having evolved through decades, today, A-line dresses are much more than cinched waists and fitted tops. It’s about any dress with a skirt sitting above your hips and gently flaring to the bottom or a hem wider than the shoulders. What makes those flared dress designs so special and popular you wonder? The key to popularity is balanced and expressly ladylike silhouettes A-line dresses create. By defining the waist and gently flowing down, they give a whole figure some sort of vertical line with wider hips below and well-shaped bust-line above the waist. And the best thing is that this dress design flatters any body type and is good for any age. Smaller or taller, petite or plus-size, an elder gal or a younger beauty, A-line dresses will suit you. They will work to add some shape or structure where you lack it and cover irregularities you are not eager to show. With a strong touch of femininity and flirtiness to them, A-line dresses are also extremely versatile. A flared skirt in the bottom can go with just about any type of top. Off-shoulder styles, corsets, long-sleeve or sleeveless tops with V-necks, scoop necks, tied-up necklines or even halter necks, you name it. You can dress these gowns up and down for any occasion. Leisurely casual, relaxed, modest, office-appropriate, good for a night out, festive, off-duty, or formal, an A-line dress could be anything you need it to be.