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Whether due to a uniformity of the black colour or due to a classy feel it gives to the clothing items but black garments are wardrobe multitaskers. And a black midi skirt is an absolute must-have for any gal's wardrobe. This piece of clothing can work all year round and can effortlessly mix into a whole multitude of outfits, whatever your style. For work and leisure, holiday and special occasion, day and night, black midi skirts are versatile and flexible enough to be worn nearly anywhere. Coming in all possible designs and a variety of fabrics, black midi skirts have something to offer to any figure and can dress you up and down with ease.

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Svetlana Stennikova Svetlana Stennikova

Beautiful outfit for autumn . Leather skirt and silky leopard blouse . Cream boots and cream throw over jacket. Sunglasses and black bag . Outfit is elegant and very comfortable for autumn and winter . Suitable for office wear it night out . Boots are from River Island and jacket is from Zara. Skirt is from Oasis and silky leopard blouse is from Tiger Lily boutique .

Embrace a Basic Wardrobe Staple To look good and trendy, you don’t need to fill your wardrobe up with clothing. Usually, it is enough to have a few more or less neutral items and maybe a few seasonal hits that work with each other, which will let you mix them into different outfits. A black midi skirt is one such essential that should be present in any wardrobe. For one, black colour is highly versatile and for two, the midi hem looks flattering on everyone no matter your figure, stature, and age. Besides, black midis are appropriate for a variety of different occasions, circumstances, and environments, making it a real universal soldier. To start with the benefits of the black colour, when it comes to colour matching, black functions as a plain canvas and a perfect base for any other palette. Pastels and muted undertones, vibrant shades and bright hues, solid colours and prints, black colour works with everything. Even an all-black outfit speaks out style and is a good option when you want to play it safe and are not sure which colour combo to go for. A black bottom is a solid choice both for casual wear and for festive occasions and, depending on the fabric, a black skirt is an all-season wardrobe workhorse. Speaking of the midi length, standing between long and short, it is very comfortable and very versatile. It reveals enough leg to achieve feminine appeal and chic while providing enough coverage to look elegant and modest. So, it’s no surprise why the midi length is trending. Thus, embracing the combinability of the black colour and functionality of a midi hem, a black midi skirt can become your hardest working wardrobe piece. Add to this a strong slimming effect of black and you’ll get a skirt of your dream. And to make it work high and low, you just need to choose the right fit. Thus, black midi pencil skirts are pretty much for anyone and can easily translate into dressy and more casual looks alike. A-line skirts are yet another cut that looks very attractive in midi and is flattering for any figure. Cinching the waist, it makes wider hips visually slimmer and adds curves to sporty bodies. The same is true for black midi skater skirts with a bit more flare, which gives a sort of retro touch so appreciated today.