Tulle Skirts in the UK

Are you in love with the princess style of tulle skirts? Then, you are in luck because these skirts have made a huge comeback to the fashion track and become a staple for spring, summer and autumn. Fluffy, light, and beautiful, tulle skirts ideally pair with pretty much anything and can be styled in a range of fashion-forward, chic and bold looks. Are you in search of your ideal skirt? Our collection comprises some of the trendiest models in all colours, sizes and lengths, so you can get yourself the most flattering one and go rock it with grace and style. Tulle skirts are not for ballet only and once you own it, you'll know it's true!

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Not for Ballet Only If you love the airy texture of a tulle skirt but aren’t sure whether it’ll be appropriate for the street style, fear not. This skirt is so versatile and trendy you’ll be surprised how many cool and fashion-forward looks you will be able to create with it. Besides, it is suitable for all year wear. Making a perfect team with blazers, pullovers, sweaters, jackets and tees and available in a dazzling choice of colours, it’ll always look right no matter whether it’s hot or cold outside. Originally, though, this skirt wasn’t designed as a fashion garment and could be spotted only on ballet dancers. It is believed that the first person who sported a fluffy tutu skirt was Marie Taglioni when she appeared at the Paris Opera in 1832, wearing a white airy skirt. After that, the design of a tutu has constantly evolved, becoming shorter and shorter each year and confidently working its way into the fashion scene. Today, tulle skirts are not for ballet only. You can find them in various iterations in famous designers’ collections as well as on catwalks at different fashion shows. It is not surprising that a tutu skirt is a fave of many celebrities too, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Parker, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Zoey Deschanel to name a few. The best thing is, this trend doesn’t lose popularity and seems to become only stronger, so we’re sure to see it in full bloom very soon. Wonder how to wear a tulle skirt without looking like a little girl? Well, don’t be afraid of experiments: these skirts, despite their fluffy shape, ideally partner virtually with all types of tops and footwear including trainers! Not sure? Just try to incorporate them with your existing favourite staples and you’ll be amazed how fabulous your outfits will look. Perhaps, the only pieces that do not quite work with a tulle skirt are loose sweaters and flats. The former somewhat distort the proportions, making your silhouette look less defined, while the latter will make you look like a ballerina, not exactly what you want when walking down the street. Other than that, tulle skirts can be mixed and matched into various outfits suitable for casual wear, office, corporate events and friendly get-togethers.