Wool Skirts in the UK

Are you a sort of "skirt gal" and want to be able to wear your favourite bottoms all year round? If so, wool skirts are definitely a choice to go for you. Natural wool or wool-based fabrics like cashmere and tweed will perfectly warm you up in a colder season. In the meantime, they easily convert into beautiful skirt designs that will keep you on a fashionable side. So, it is definitely time to add one of the wool skirts to your wardrobe if you still don't have it or replenish your winter collection with yet another stylish piece. Below, you'll find a range of wool skirts in different cuts and lengths to match varying fashions tastes.

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Meet a Hard Working Winter Staple As the first chill starts creeping in, the first thing we care about in clothing is comfort and warmth, which is quite a normal thing since nobody likes feeling frozen to the bone. Yet, let’s be honest, in winter, many gals swap dresses and skirts for jeans and trousers and often sacrifice style to comfort. However, with all the diversity and flexibility of modern fashion, cold weather is not the reason to put skirts on a back burner till spring. If you wonder how to wear skirts in winter, wool skirts will be the best option to start from. Wool is a soft and extremely warm fabric that will let you feel comfy even under very low temperatures. At the same time, it is quite delicate and not too thick, so it won’t add bulkiness to your silhouette. With that, it’s hard to imagine a better fabric for winter skirts. And it looks excellent in many fashion-forward skirt stylers and designs, hence, you’ll keep up with fashion trends for sure. The most popular wool skirt designs are pencil, A-line, and flared skirts. Notably, these skirt designs flatter pretty much any figure and body type. Wool pencil skirts are form-fitting and create sharp and well-shaped silhouettes while wool ensures a smooth finish and ideally masks the lumps and bumps if any. Whether in mini or in midi length, pencil skirts bundle like a charm with ankle and knee-high boots, including heeled, flat, and trendy lag sole styles. A-line skirts with a soft flare or wider flare look very feminine and sleek. High-waist balances body proportions while flared cut makes the whole silhouette lighter even for plus-size models. They easily team with classy sweaters, cosy turtlenecks, and smart buttoned shirts, so layering them won’t be a problem. And modern heels will finalise the look. The latest seasonal hit is a [pleated wool skirt] made of fine woollen fabric. Best looking in midi length, it makes up a super trendy look with a soft roll-neck sweater and exquisite pointed-toe heels. Yet another fashion-forward combo is with a loose knit tucked in the front and patent leather knee-highs running right under the skirt hem. A plaid wool skirt is a piece of winter fashion tradition that still stands strong. You can both wear it in a classic way with a cashmere coat and knee-high heels and hit the street style by pairing it with chunky ankle heels and a puffer or a biker jacket.