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Mule shoes and boots have always been around. Used as bedroom slippers originally, they are now worn at any time, for any occasion. The trend is going extremely strong this season, so no wonder mules become more and more popular among women of all ages. Mules keep you comfortable and can be matched with almost any outfit. For sure, mules are an ultra-comfy, versatile, and stylish addition to any footwear collection. So, if you'd like to get a timeless pair, shop our vast collection of fashionable mules that will help you create a casual laid-back look. From flat cross strap mules to sexy mule heels, we have slip-on shoes for any occasion.

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How to Choose Perfect Mules Do you know that mules have a rich history) going as back as Ancient Rome? Originally, they were worn as bedroom slippers and not shown in public. Yet, the times have changed and now things are very different - they can be worn at any time, for any occasion. That said, being neither pumps nor boots or sandals, the mules fall in a footwear grey area. Even so, they aren’t as tricky to style as it might seem at first. Owing to their semi-coverage and open-back design they are extremely versatile and ideal not only for summer but for whimsical, transitional weather as well. So, if you’d like to make the most of the mule shoes and boots this season, here are some things to bear in mind. Find the Right Fit When you’re in doubt about what size to choose, it’s better to go with a smaller one since mules should fit snugly. If your feet are fairly slim, look for narrow-fitting pairs, and if you have quite wide feet, try regular or wide-fit styles. Flat or Heeled? Flat mules are probably the lazy girl’s dream come true. They are ultimately comfortable and are perfect for an edgy, relaxed look. Just like sandals, flat mule shoes can be paired with everything from shorts and floaty skirts to skinny jeans and oversized T-shirts. Yet, flat mules can be chic enough to substitute ballet flats or loafers. Just pair them with fitted or tailored trousers to add a classic touch and you’ll get a perfect office outfit suitable for important business meetings. If you’d like to dress up your look, choose heeled mules. Offering quite a lot of coverage and support, they are comfy and elegant enough to wear with midi-skirts and dresses. And by wearing heeled mules with skinnies and your favourite top, you’ll be able to create a nice day-to-night outfit. How to Make a Transition If you’re looking for a pair of mules you could wear in autumn, firstly consider the structure - a thick heel and sturdy shape will surely stand up to the elements better than stilettos with an extra-pointy toe. A block-heel is not only easier to walk in but is also substantial enough to get you through the first light snowfall.