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When it comes to chic casual women's shoes, brogues are a staple in a wardrobe of any true fashionista. Not only are these shoes ultra smart but they can also add zest to any outfit thanks to the unique perforations on the top. Initially, small perforations served to drain water through the footwear but now they are used mostly for decorative purposes. In fact, this patterned detailing is the very thing that identifies brogues and makes them unique and chic. Whether you're going to attend a swanky event or semi-formal occasion, brogues can complete your look perfectly.

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Everything You Need to Know About Brogues Brogues have long been around. Centuries ago, they were typically worn by Scottish and Irish peasants. Initially, they were made of untanned leather, had some fur but no heels. Today, the only similarity is the presence of holes (also known as “broguing” or perforations) on a toe cap. Earlier, those holes were designed to drain water but now they are purely aesthetic. The perforations are usually surrounded by “pinking” - cuts in leather material that make the edge look like triangles sitting next to each other. Brogues have become a smart and fashionable choice of sophisticated women since they are perfect for dressing up or down. They can complement nearly any outfit and suit business, formal, and casual settings. Elegant brown or beige brogues are considered to be more casual with their relaxed but smart look, while all-black dressy shoes are seen as business and formal options - the main rule here is, the less perforations the shoe has, the more formal it is. Below, we give you some basic tips on how to style brogues without looking frumpy and awkwardly. You can give a pair of masculine brogues a feminine makeover by matching it with a dress. For an edgy look, combine brogues with a flowy romantic dress perfect for a night out. For a flirty look, style brogues with a shift mini dress and tights. However, if you want to look more chic, team your shoes with a black lace dress or masculine suit and wear a red lipstick. When it comes to casual wear, opt for tan or brown brogues and pair them with blue, washed-out jeans and comfy polo to create a relaxed weekend outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Lasly, we would like to give some recommendations on how to care for your brogues to keep them in top-notch condition. It’s a good idea to invest in a good cake wax and occasionally coat the shoes with it and leave overnight. Then, give your footwear a brisky buff in the morning to achieve an incredible shine. That said, the wax will not only add shine and breathe new life into leather but also act as a water repellent to prevent your brogues from damage in bad weather.