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Ankle booties are one of the sexiest autumn fashion trends for women of all ages. They are short boots covering your feet and stopping around the ankles. Ankle boots allow you to make a perfect transition from spring to summer and from summer to autumn since they aren't as warm as full-length boots yet provide a bit more coverage than sandals. So, browse our latest collection of ankle booties to be prepared for any weather. We have a wide variety of on-trend styles from flats to ultra-high heels. Also, we offer booties with open toe, heel or side.

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How to Make Your Legs Look Longer Wearing Ankle Boots An ankle boot is a stylish wardrobe staple that returns season after season whenever the temperature starts to drop. However, you’ve probably heard that ankle shoes “can cut off your legs and make you look frumpy”. Ahead, we’ll prove the opposite by giving you some tips on how to style ankle boots to look taller and leaner. The major advice we can give you is to consider your proportions. If you’re petite, avoid wearing chunky ankle shoes with a short hemline as they can make you appear even shorter than you actually are. Try to find a pair that doesn’t gap at the ankle. The styles that are fairly snug around an ankle are not only ultimately comfortable but also easy to mask under the bottoms - skinny jeans can pull over them without any bunching. Also, we recommend avoiding a square toe. Instead, go for round or pointed models. Though it might seem like a small thing, actually, it can make your legs much longer visually. When it comes to styling, probably the most popular combo is ankle boots and jeans. It’s a classic go-to ensemble that can be worn in autumn, winter, and spring. Here, the main fashion rule is to wear high-waisted (or, at least, mid-waisted) jeans and choose a cropped length. Wearing ankle booties with dark denim or skinny jeans will help elongate your legs visually. But if you can’t live without your boyfriend jeans, try to cuff them at least. This is especially true for shorties. If you’re not into denim, you can safely pair ankle boots with leather leggings. Finish your look with a big cosy sweater and you’re good to go. Alternatively, you can wear black booties and black tights. This combo will make even extra-short legs appear much longer. Yet, never wear bright-coloured booties with dark tights as you’re risking to create the “stumpy legs” look. Go monochromatic. Last but not least, if you’re a petite girl, always try to choose heeled shoes. Obviously, high-heeled ankle booties will make your legs look longer. Even if you need to run errands all day long, try to find a small heel - even 2-3 cm elevation can make a big difference.