Women's Lace Up Footwear in the UK

If you don't mind tying shoelaces from time to time, you can level up your footwear game and upgrade your shoedrobe with lace-up shoes and boots from our latest collection. Long present on the fashion scene, lace-up shoes and boots are still on trend and give you a chance to give your looks a touch of chic or slip your feet into the ultimate comfort. Lace-up footwear is amazingly versatile, so, there is something to fit just about any taste and style. We have exquisite pointed top suede heeled ankle boots with laces that are one-time staples for feminine outfits and lace-up sandals for comfy and sophisticated summer apparels as well as military boots and loggers for sharp casual looks.

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Lace-Up Shoes Are Here to Stay If you look into the history of modern shoes, you’ll see that shoelaces came here long ago. And lace-up shoes became a solid part of popular footwear back in 1790 when the Englishman Harvey Kennedy invented an aglet and got a patent as a shoe inventor. It’s worth noting that, unlike many other shoe trends that come and go, lace-up shoes have never been a clear strong trend. Instead, footwear models with shoelaces have always been around, simply evolving in style. Lace-up shoes definitely came into vogue to stay there for good. And they are still rolling around in many different styles. For most of us, flat lace-up shoes stand for chunky ankle boots reminiscent of the biker and military style. And you won’t go wrong with them since lace-up boots on hefty lug-soles are really having the moment. It’s a sort of urban chic with a dash of brutality to it. You can stick to more obvious traditional styling and wear these boots with skinny jeans and biker jackets or mix up fashion-forward looks by wearing them with wide-leg trousers tucked inside, oversized knits, and classy trenches. Meanwhile, paired with pleated plaid skirts and baggy blazers or leather jackets, these chunky lace-ups will add a grungy touch to your off-duty style. However, today, ankle boots with shoelaces are much more than those menswear-inspired models. Thus, edgy block heel lace-up boots and catchy stiletto models in patent leather and posh suede are also on the top. They work wonders with classy trouser cuts for professional looks, perfectly match cropped pants and culottes for trendy casual outfits, and blend with velvet skirts and dresses for sleek evening ensembles. Along with traditional shoelace models, now, you can come across fancy low- and high-heel lace-up shoes that actually don’t have shoelaces threaded in them but rather have laces you need to tie around your feet. These are cool and stylish lace-up flats and sandals. While flats perfectly embrace the casualty and comfort of daywear, sandals are available in a variety of heeled models that you can wear even in some unexpected ways. Thus trending lace-up block or kitten heels with pointed or square toes can be tied over trousers or jeans to hit the latest styling tricks. Surprisingly enough, those outfits don’t look weird but rather look sassy and unique, especially if you pick trousers and a shirt or blouse in classic styles.