Women's Flat Footwear in the UK

Flat soles are definitely about comfort and convenience, yet, they are in a way deprived of style, especially today when flat footwear designs reign several seasons in a row. So, whether you want to keep things casual or go chic, you'll never go wrong with flat shoes that confidently compete with heels in all fashion trends. To help you choose the right pair, in our latest collection, we've selected the best seasonal flat shoes models. We have all-time favourite slip-ons, open-foot sliders, classy ballet flats, gorgeous mules, sporty sneakers and trainers, casual and classic ankle boots, posh thigh-high boots, lace-up sandals and flip flops to let you complete your outfit for any occasion.

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What to Wear With Your Flats Flats come in a wide variety of styles and colours and if you find yourself constantly choosing versatile black ballerinas for every occasion, you might be stuck in a style rut. That’s why we would like to give you a reboot and inspire you to wear sunnier flats from metallics to bright, bold hues. Below, there are easy and chic outfit ideas on how to make styling coloured flats easy and fun. A pair of red flats is undoubtedly eye-catching. It can easily grab attention and become a dominating feature in your whole outfit. So, if you’ve decided to wear red shoes, it’s better to team them with simple, black or white pieces or basic tones like navy, beige, and grey. That said, hues close to red (pink, coral, orange, and similar stones) will also look nice with your bold shoes as they can subdue the red, vibrant hue. Sunny yellow flats are summer essentials. Full of colour and life, they will look fantastic when matched with a monochrome outfit. Yellow shoes will go well with all shades of blues (particularly, navy) and green. Teal flats are also an extremely popular choice for hot summer months. In-between green and light blue, these feminine shoes will work best when styled with complementing light colours, such as white, pink, coral, and light brown. This ensemble will make you look fresh and girlish. Purple flats, especially those in magenta hue, are incredibly stylish and chic. They stand out amazingly well if paired with neutrals. Also, they look great with navy or denim. So, you can safely pull on your trustworthy blue jeans and wear a pink top with your purple flats to nail a killer casual look. When it comes to gold and silver flats, they are the biggest trend of the year. Unique and somewhat futuristic, these shoes are sharp and chic enough to become a standout point of any outfit. Gold gladiator sandals will look incredible with both rich colours like red, emerald, or burgundy and pastel hues like creamy beige, tan, and nude. Silver footwear works best when styled with cool hues, such as black, navy and white.