Women's Block Heel Footwear in the UK

When you just can't imagine your life without heels but your feet crave for comfort, block heel shoes can be the answer. Available in a multitude of different styles including both summer and winter footwear, these shoes make a perfect alternative to stilettos, giving your silhouette elevation while also bringing better stability and support. What's more, these shoes do not put strain on your feet. In fact, with block heels, you can spend hours walking or dancing and do not experience any discomfort. So, if you don't have block heel sandals yet, adding a pair to your shoe collection will certainly be a good idea. Explore our edit of block heel shoes and take your pick.
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Svetlana Stennikova Svetlana Stennikova
Svetlana Stennikova
Svetlana Stennikova Beautiful perfect outfit for autumn. Elegant red skirt with silky black top . Cream scarf and gorgeous black coat with fur hood . Low heel black boots . Small black bag to finish the look. And if the sun shines sunglasses come handy too .
Battle Bee autumn%20sun
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