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A-line skirts have something to offer for any figure and body type. Whether you are a younger slim gal or a middle-aged curvy beauty, A-line skirts will fit your style and have all chances to become one of the best basic clothing items in your wardrobe. Creating a sharp silhouette with a defined waistline, A-line skirts come in all possible lengths and both in flared and more snug-fitting designs, not to mention a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns, prints, and designs to match any season and style. Grab one of A-skirts from our latest collection to flatter your body and mix a variety of stunning images.

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Svetlana Stennikova Svetlana Stennikova

Beautiful outfit for autumn . Leather skirt and silky leopard blouse . Cream boots and cream throw over jacket. Sunglasses and black bag . Outfit is elegant and very comfortable for autumn and winter . Suitable for office wear it night out . Boots are from River Island and jacket is from Zara. Skirt is from Oasis and silky leopard blouse is from Tiger Lily boutique .

Go for That Irresistible Feminine Vibe in Style Whether you are a jeans and tee kind of gal or just look for some fresh wardrobe ideas for the new season, A-line skirts can offer a whole number of Monday-to-Sunday outfit combos for you to look either dressed down or dressed up, and what is more important, always occasion-appropriate. More comfortable than snug-fitting pencil skirts but still looking very feminine and flattering due to a simple line and defined waist, A-line skirts will match every lady, irrespective of her body shape, height, size, and age. So, if you look for a ladylike bottom piece versatile enough to team with your existing wardrobe staples to set up a variety of wearable looks, you can’t go wrong if you welcome an A-line skirt in your wardrobe. Paired with proper tops, A-line skirts can bring you anywhere from street to work to cocktail and even to prom. You just need to find your perfect length and styling options. First and foremost, avoid combining this type of skirt with long blouses or shirts. They will blur that ideal waistline and disbalance the whole look. Next thing to consider when searching for perfect A-line skirt pairing options is your body type. If you are a pear type with a heavier bottom, the skirt will soften your hip line while some simple strapless top or a ruffled blouse will bring your silhouette to an hourglass shape. Meanwhile, lean and slim ladies with straight figures will need to add some volume to their upper body part, and apple bodies can wear loose long-sleeved tops tucked into a skirt to cinch the waist. When it comes to the skirt length, petite gals will look their best in short hems while tall ladies should go for midi and long hemlines. Besides, A-line skirts work great with all types of footwear. You are free to wear flats, sneakers, ankle boots and even trainers for casual and street-style looks or stay with wedges, court shoes, or heels for dressed-up, formal, or evening outfits.