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You've probably heard Elvis singing about "blue suede shoes". Suede is luxurious. Suede is dapper. Suede is cool. It's an extra soft form of leather that has a smooth surface and instantly gives onlookers a sense of wealth and modern fashion. And even though many of us believe that suede requires extra-special care, suede shoes actually need less maintenance than traditional leather footwear since they should never be shined. So, if you'd like to get a pair of luxe shoes that would require minimum effort from you to look great, check our vast selection of suede shoes and take your pick.

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Wearing Suede Shoes All Year Round When it comes to suede shoes, there is always too much discussion. And one of the hottest debates is where, how, and when to wear suede shoes. While some believe that suede shoes are meant only for autumn, others swear by them in summer. Actually, suede shoes can be worn throughout the whole year when chosen and maintained properly. Indeed, the best months for wearing suede shoes is autumn or spring, when there is minimal possibility of rain or snow. And when the summer is in full swing, suede may be a bit too sensitive to the sun. However, our collection includes breathable summer suede footwear that is highly resistant to heat and, thus, can make you look hot through the hottest of days. Also, we have lots of autumn and winter styles that can handle even some showers. The trick to rocking suede all year round is a little bit of pre-treatment and some post-wear care. Also, you should follow these tips below. Just like grain leather, the suede is breathable, and it’s quite okay to wear suede shoes comfortably during spring and summer months, without worrying about the heat. If you’re after suede loafers, trainers, espadrilles, or ballets, invest in a pair of high-quality no-show socks that will cover up your feet and reach the back of your heel only. This way, your ankles will still breathe (some respite from the heat) and your foot sweat (if any) will be absorbed by the socks, meaning bacteria won’t be able to ruin your suede shoes. In summer, we recommend going for brighter colours that not only reflect heat better but also let you experiment with bold outfits. However, if light colours win in the summer months, dark colours dominate during the winter. Not only does black suede footwear absorb more heat keeping you warm and cosy but it also excels in its ability to hide salt stains very well. They also match and go with more winter outfit options.