Women's Skinny Trousers in the UK

Skinny jeans and trousers have been popular among women of all ages for years now, and they are not disappearing from runaways any time soon. The secret of skinny fits is that they are generally very flattening on any body type and fit both petite and plus-size ladies thanks to their ability to emphasise curves for those who lack them and cover small imperfections. If you already own a pair of skinny jeans or seek something lighter than thick denim material, check out our selection of the best skinny trousers for women in the UK.

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Types of Skinny Trousers Same as skinny jeans, skinny trousers are suitable for many different occasions. However, since there are so many different kinds of skinny trousers, we would like to list our suggestions on what to wear for all kinds of events. With a pair of cotton skinny trousers, you will be able to create multiple formal looks. You can pair them with classy shirts, blouses, jackets and blazers, and wear a pair of heels or ballets. Such an outfit will be an ideal choice both for business meetings and for usual days at work. Solid high-waist trousers completed in muted basic colours such as black, grey, brown or nude go well with tops of any length and any colour, so they are a must-have for any wardrobe. Another fashionable yet classy choice is skinny plaid trousers. You can wear them with all kinds of monochrome tops, and add a matching plaid or solid blazer on top. However, make sure to select the checkered pattern carefully since it may add some extra dimension to your hip area, which is not always necessary. If you are not a fan of plaid materials, we can suggest getting multicoloured trousers with other kinds of prints. Nowadays, the most fashionable icons adore animal prints, but you can also go for abstract ones, floral and polka dot patterns. These models will allow you to stand out from the crowd on any formal and semi-formal event. One of the trendiest models of the last few seasons are leather trousers. They are considered a great fit both for casual and party outfits. Leather skinny trousers with a medium or low waist paired with a daring low-cut top and leather boots can really make you look and feel like a real rock star. For our list, we’ve collected all these kinds of trousers in various colours and prints. So look closely at our choices to find your new favourite pair of skinny bottoms.