Pleated Black Skirts in the UK

Often being a part of schoolwear, modern black pleated skirts are far more than that. Modern clothing is all about comfort and practicality and a plisse skirt really shines in this aspect which deservedly makes it a new seasonal staple. Available in all possible hem lengths, black pleated skirts serve as an ideal basis for multiple looks and will become your helpful fashion wizard. Mix a black pleated maxi skirt with an oversized jumper and ankle boots for comfy weekend apparel or pair a black mini pleat with a tee and a bike jacket for a fierce bike gang look.
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Svetlana Stennikova Svetlana Stennikova
Svetlana Stennikova
Svetlana Stennikova Beautiful outfit for autumn . Leather skirt and silky leopard blouse . Cream boots and cream throw over jacket. Sunglasses and black bag . Outfit is elegant and very comfortable for autumn and winter . Suitable for office wear it night out . Boots are from River Island and jacket is from Zara. Skirt is from Oasis and silky leopard blouse is from Tiger Lily boutique .
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