Women's Flare Trousers in the UK

Remember those bell-shaped trouser designs from the 1970s? Well, they are back and becoming hugely popular. Much loved by fashion designers and It gals alike, the style is revamped, however, classic flared cuts are still in favour along with some modernised shapes. Today, you can find anything from hip to knee flare, from fitted to relaxed or even wide-leg fits, from bootcut to cropped cuts, not to mention a variety of fabrics and colours those flared trousers are available in. Still don't have them? Welcome to the club! Want yet another pair, we have all the latest hits for you!

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Dare to Wear the Flare Fashion trends tend to come and go and in fact, nearly nothing goes for good. The modern fashion scene gives a reboot to many old-time staples and, recently, the fashion wheel has stopped at flared trouser silhouettes. Flares are not new to vogue and only a few know that the history of flares traces back to the US navy uniform of the 19th century. However, their modern popularity bell-bottoms owe to the hippie and punk rock culture of the ‘60s and ‘70s and what we have now is reminiscent of those eras. Modern designs gravitate to old-time cuts with a high rise and for a good reason. High-waist flare trousers are extremely flattering on any figure and the best thing is that such a fit with flared bottoms makes you look very feminine despite you wearing trousers. Besides, a close-fitting high waistline perfectly balances the whole silhouette and gives it that much needed vertical while flared legs offset the bulges and curves and give overall shapes a strong feminine touch. That’s what flares used to be loved for and that’s what we love them for today. Traditionally, flared trousers were fitted in the waist and upper legs and flaring from the knee to a different degree. Modern flares vary from hip to knee flare models and are normally not too wide in the bottom. Though the cut is naturally casual, flares can be styled in many different ways and are good for professional and even formal looks. Business flare trousers are normally those mid-flared from the hip and running down almost to the floor. Coming in solid basic colours, such models effortlessly pair with all types of heels and work by default with all blazer and jacket designs while jumpers and cardigans are also allowed for a smart casual touch. A modern spin and a new look at old-time staple cut are cropped versions of flares. Ending above the ankle, and usually flaring from the knee, cropped flared trousers are very stylish and chic. They work good with any type of top and outerwear and can be teamed with any shoes, be it heels or flats or even trainers. At the same time, though, petite gals need to be careful with flat-sole footwear since cropped flares visually cut down the leg length a bit. So, be mindful to add some height with heels if you are on the shorter side.