Skater Skirts in the UK

Both feminine and sexy, skater skirts are on trend these days. They are very easy to dress up and down and can be worn not only in summer but also in winter when paired with some cool tights. What's more, they are not made to be equal, which means there are dozens of styles and designs you can choose from. Thus, if you're on the hunt for a versatile yet girly skirt that can be styled in multiple unexpected ways, you've come to the right place. Here, in our collection of skater skirts that are in style this season, you'll find a skirt for any taste.

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Back in Fashion Again As you might have noticed, fashion trends are cyclical and tend to come back into the rotation over some time, with just a few variations. This applies to skater skirts, too. Not so popular just a year ago, today, it’s a big fashion trend, and more likely than not, it will remain a staple for 2021-2022, too. The distinctive feature of a skater skirt is that it flatters just about any body type, no matter whether you are tall, short, apple-shaped, or petite. The secret lies in its unique design. Tapered around the waist and flared in length, skater skirts create an illusion of longer legs, add curves to the hips, and make the waist area appear narrower than it really is. To add to that, these skirts are immensely versatile. Available in multiple colours and different styles, they manifest the cravings of many girls serving as a perfect base for playful, fun and stylish outfits suitable for both casual walks in the street and dressed-up affairs. Below we offer you a few style guides that will help you create fresh and trendy outfits. Skater skirts are a heaven for girls in the summertime. Thanks to their mini cut, they let your skin breathe and feel very comfortable. On top of that, they give you endless styling options, making a perfect team with all types of tops, from casual tees with or without graphic to fancier tops and even classic shirts. Yes, that’s right. When combined with a shirt and a tailored blazer, a skater skirt will add a girly touch to your professional outfit, making it look much trendier and more interesting. For a dressier look, think of pairing a skater skirt with something stylish. Cropped / off-the-shoulder tops, sheer / lace tops and sequin blouses, all of these options will work a treat. To complete your look, wear a pair of court shoes, take an elegant purse, and add a few pieces of accessories to express your personality. In winter, skater skirts do not need to collect dust, too. Try combining a leather skater skirt with a comfy oversize sweater, nice tights, ankle boots, and a winter coat. This outfit will look preppy, elegant, and very feminine. Of course, as is always the case with modern dressing, trends change and often, combinations that were not expected to be wearable become the height of chic. So, do not be afraid to experiment and your outfits will never be boring.