Women's High Waist Trousers in the UK

Low waists are retired. Meanwhile, high waists flaunt the catwalks, run on the streets, and shine in the wardrobes of It gals. Wrapping your torso in the narrowest part, high-waist trousers create an edgy and, at the same time, extremely feminine look. These trousers are shape makers, perfectly hiding belly bulges, making curvy bottoms look sexy, and creating streamlined silhouettes. So, if you still don't have a pair or are on the lookout for yet another trendy piece, check our latest high-waist trouser collection full of different models in classic shapes and high-fashion designs to match any style and fit any figure.

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A New Wardrobe Staple While women’s trousers have long become a wardrobe staple and confidently settled in women’s wear, their styles and shapes are constantly evolving to catch up with fashion trends. For the sake of truth, though, it should be noted that those trends often make a revamp on once-popular cuts and designs, giving them a second lease of life and modernising them to meet new fashion reality. Thus, currently, low-rise fits back down and give up to high waists that raged the fashion scene decades ago. So, meet your new wardrobe staple trouser shapes and see how to style them. Notably, high-waisted trousers come in many different models including both classic straight-leg cuts, much-favoured skinnies, and some innovative designs reborn from old-time ones and infused with modern vibes. With that, wide-leg high-waisted trousers are a new classy chic you can spot on celebs and fashion-conscious gals around. The style varies from fitted on the top and flaring from the hips models setting up elegant ladylike looks to oversized mannish trousers exuding urban touch and accentuating female power. Combined with heels and statement tops like a corset top, fitted lace top, sexy silky blouse, or an off-the-shoulder top, these trousers say that you are a strong woman and you are proud of yourself. Yet another modern trouser hit is high-waisted culottes. Hitting the sweet spot between pants and skirts, they are for stylish and delicate gals who want the feminine appeal of a skirt and the comfort of trousers. Throwing us back to vintage style, these trousers look amazing with fitted tops, tailored shirts, halter-neck tops, and classy blouses, all worn tucked inside. Blazers, sleek cardigans, and classic coats with heels will perfectly nail down polished looks. For a more understated and casual feel, though, you can wear culottes with plain tees, stretchy long-sleeves, soft knits, biker jackets and oxfords, loafers, or even trainers. And leather culottes with matching patent knee-highs and a puffer atop make the hottest seasonal look. One more blast from the past is high-waist flare trousers reminiscent of the ‘70s and hippy style. Today, this cut comes in mild and rich flare and cropped flare trousers are also trending. Bootcut models flaring from the hip provide a perfect leg-lengthening and slimming effect while knee-flare trousers highlight the beauty of the legs and balance the whole silhouette. Cropped models look better on taller gals with long legs and are perfect street-chic pieces. You can wear flared trousers casually, professionally, or even formally, depending on the occasion and the garments you pair them with. To put a final note, all high-waisted trousers give added length and balance to the whole figure and look great on anyone. This style works wonders with short and crop tops and tops tucked inside the trousers. Both fitted, tailored, and oversized cuts of the uppers are allowed that you can wear fully tucked, tucked in the front, layered loos, or belted.