Women's Boyfriends Jeans in the UK

Boyfriend jeans are closet essentials. These jeans are more relaxed than skinny jeans yet as chic and fashionable when need be. Many fashion icons love to experiment with the loose, comfortable fit these jeans present. They're what effortless chic dressing is all about, adding that boyish charm to soft, feminine looks. The loose fit does not discriminate based on body types. These jeans can be slouchy and relaxed without looking baggy. There are many different iterations to boyfriend jeans, letting you decide the fit and where the jeans will lie. Again though, there's a fine line between slouchy and baggy and we will help you walk that line with poise and confidence.

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Effortless Chic Not many items are able to spell comfortable and casual better than boyfriend jeans. These jeans’ relaxed fit and lived-in look is the new chic, relaxed through hips and legs and tapering at the hem, flirting with the line between laid-back and saggy. Some attribute the boyfriend jeans phenomenon to Marilyn Monroe who would often rock loose-fitting jeans, contrasting the beauty icon’s feminine presence. Katie Holmes used to wear Tom Cruise’s, her boyfriend at the time, jeans from time to time, adding to the craze. From Kim Kardashian to Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon, we’ve seen many celebs rocking these jeans. Of course, there are tricks to this trade, starting with the rise. Rocking mid- and high-waist pairs, you’ll be able to elongate the leg line, all while defining the backside and the waist. Sure, you can flirt with low-rise options but make sure you do not end up swimming in the slouchy silhouette. Boyfriend jeans tamper at the bottom, the jeans’ signature look that you can easily achieve cuffing the hems. You can go with a sloppy roll or two neat folds to achieve the desired fit and length. Generally speaking, the hems should be hitting the ankle bone. Boyfriend silhouettes can make anything and everything work. You can balance the looks coupling structured tops with slouchy bottoms. Even dressy bites can be easily done adding chic blazers to the mix. Dressing these jeans down is as easy as dressing them up. Lace the runners, make the top less structured, and you are prepared for lazy Sunday mornings. To accentuate the best features and camouflage the less-favourite areas, plus-sized figures will be able to benefit from more relaxed fits that provide ample coverage and flow easily over the curves, while petite frames should keep the silhouette long and lean.