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No outfit is as party-ready as a sequin skirt. In fact, this skirt is a great alternative to dresses, tops and fancy blouses that will get you noticed and turn heads as you go. Not only that. These skirts, most of which are made of soft jersey, are very comfortable and are perfectly suitable not only for special days but also for everyday wear - all you need is to know how to style them right. So, if you're looking to add a boost of sparkle to your wardrobe, you've come to the right place. With our selection of sequin skirts from famous brands and stores, you'll be ready for any upcoming special and not-so-special occasions!

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How to Style Sequin Skirts Although most of us associate sequin skirts with parties and festivals, they are much more wearable than this. Need proofs? Keep reading to explore the best ways of styling a sequin skirt for casual wear and for festive looks. If you are a glamorous kind of chicka who doesn’t mind rocking sequins every day, there’s a good piece of news. You can wear sequins as often as you like - all you need is to wear them with a suitable top. For casual wear, consider wearing plain sweaters, vests, and T-shirts. Those perfectly balance the look by smoothening the edginess of the skirt. Combine this outfit with a warm coat and low boots and you’ve got yourself a laid-back yet very trendy and glamorous look, in which you’d surely make a statement. Are you a fan of jackets? Wear a sequin skirt with a military jacket. The combination of bright sequins and masculine military vibes is unexpectedly chic and fashion-forward, and is suitable for everyday wear. Accessories such as belts and jewellery will add an extra depth to your look while black tights will let you stay on trend while keeping you warm come autumn. For youngsters looking for a school-friendly outfit, we‘d recommend wearing a sequin skirt with a jumper. The trick is that you can layer the jumper atop a lace or sheer top, making dressing up for parties after classes way easier. To give your look an edgy feel, add a choker or pendant, take your favourite black chain flap bag, and wear leather flat boots. If you’re a plus-size gal, opt for a classic ensemble containing a sequin skirt, a long tunic-style top, and a waist belt or ribbon. Embellishments like these ideally hide imperfections and help put accents exactly where they should be. Silver and gold sequins make a perfect team with black tops, but if black isn’t your colour, you can always choose alternatives - .dark purple, green, blue, and brown look amazingly well with a sparkling bottom too!