Women's Flared Jeans in the UK

There are many reasons flared jeans keep coming back no matter what. First, that extra volume down there elongates the legs, flattering any body type. You can tuck loose tops to balance the silhouette. You can add funky accessories, from wooden earrings to print scarves. Flares hug the hips and give you, well, that extra flare, with style variety and feminine looks. Combine these jeans with heeled sandals and you'll be able to create the illusion of legs that do not quit. With many people still rocking skinnies, you'll be standing out from the crowd anywhere you go, bringing that retro vibe to all scenes.

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Making the Comeback Somewhere between 2014 and 2015, flared pants have started resurging. Prancing on and off the fashion radar, these pants haven’t been able to reach the popularity that peaked during the 70s. Nevertheless, flared silhouettes keep resurfacing and, as far as we can tell, that’s all courtesy of clean, well-defined lines and visually appealing shapes. Due to reasons, we (humans) love balance, despite the fact that we’re naturally asymmetrical creatures, so you can see why flares can seem so appealing and flattering, adding visual weight to the feet and balancing the shoulders’ width. As far as artistic principles are concerned, flares make all the sense in the world, even though using the extra fabric is not something we endorse. From peek-a-boo floral panels to colorful paisleys and psychedelic prints, flares and patterns are inseparable. We’re all about splicing some pattern play into the wardrobe, as long as the pairing works. The current style trends dictate subdued geometric patterns and lovely floral motifs that allow creating chic, feminine looks. Flares are versatile. From wide cuts that incorporate very little tamper around the knee area to bell bottoms hugging the hips and knees, swooping things out to create that classic bell shape. Flared jeans’ biggest strength is the flare that these silhouettes bring. Paired with these splashy pants, even the plainest tops can be used to create this nice balanced outfit that’s not too gaudy yet not too boring either. You can also layer up and go with oversized blanket scarves, denim shirts, and patterned shawl cardigans at the same time. Flared jeans work with sneakers as well as with heels, bringing out that 90s-inspired vibe, as long as you keep the hem length in mind to avoid verging on looking sloppy.