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Mom jeans are not in style or a style, they're a lifestyle. The jeans' high rise offers multiple advantages, from eliminating muffin tops and exposed underpants to defining the waist and hips. These days, mom jeans are usually more streamlined, utilising straight and, sometimes, tapered legs and keeping the wash light-to-medium blue. You can experiment with different tucks, including the French tuck. You can wear these jeans with oversized sweaters and sneakers to the school as well as with slides, heels, white tees, and blazers to class up the look. Mom jeans allow you to keep things flexible and comfortable yet chic and current.

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Camilagovea Camilagovea

Here I brought together an emma chamberlain inspired outfit (ngl) with some mom jeans and Dr. Martens, which are so trend y right know and ai couldn't be more in love with. Also a very bright Green turtle neck sweather, not the most comfy, but hey it's cute. And to bring all this together! Accesories! A Brown (my favorite color of the season) Carolina Herrera shoulder bag and those really fun 90's sunglasses. What do you think!? <3

Changing the Rule of Cool Mom jeans originally borrow the name from any plain high-rise jeans that moms would choose to expose less skin and prioritise comfort before splash. These jeans were massive throughout the 80s but went away during the 90s to come back a few years ago. The “mom” prefix was doing to these jeans the same thing this prefix does to everything else, implying frumpy/dowdy appearance that’s anything but cool. Because mom jeans usually looked plain and uninspired, you can see why these silhouettes’ moment has passed and, looking at the current iterations, you can also see why they’re successfully resurfacing. In fact, mom jeans are basically becoming skinnies’ edgy, cool older sister. Sure, they’re not there yet popularity-wise but considering how ridiculously comfy these jeans are, we would not recommend betting against them. Mom jeans can be unexpectedly fashion-outward, as long as you avoid pleats like the plague and make sure the jeans compliment the butt and flatter the figure. Classic black turtlenecks are an excellent match to these jeans. Add any unorthodox boots to the mix and you can go from brunching to painting the town red without changing the outfit. White button-ups and loafers usually suggest sophisticated workwear but, when paired with these jeans, they’re able to give you this relaxed vibe that can become any ladies’ everyday uniform. Colourblock sweaters will be balancing out mom jeans’ plainness, lending you enough leeway to experiment with fun accessories and different boots. Blazers work surprisingly well with these silhouettes too, provided you keep the colours neutral and the accessories minimal. Of course, when the look’s too bland for the occasion, you can always combine them with leather jackets, the ultimate investment piece that can add ample edge to any outfit.