Women's Skinny Jeans in the UK

Skinny jeans have been dominating the denim fashion segment for a minute now and that's no dumb luck. No jeans highlight your curves as well as skinnies. These jeans are able to add definition to the butt and hips, giving that elusive hourglass figure. Skinnies' excellent, complimentary fit also makes the legs appear leaner and longer, especially when you pair them with stillies and pumps. Because these silhouettes fit so snugly, some even find them more comfortable than wide-legged jeans, providing this comfy casing that hugs the legs. Plus, even when skinnies stretch out, you can still rock them since the fit simply goes from skinny to straight-cut, retaining the shape.

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The New Wardrobe Staple Once daring and trendy, skinny jeans have been able to transition into classic style and wardrobe staple. You can always throw them on without having any second thoughts. That hasn’t always been the case though. Some would argue that it all starts with the ultra-tight men’s trousers around the mid-1800s but, as far as women are concerned, close-fitting trousers were not even in the plans back then. We’ll have to fast-forward to the 1950s when the Beatniks’ gender-neutral style with tight denims has brought the trousers back close to the legs where they belonged. But even then it would take them another fifty years to turn into the skinnies we know today, thanks primarily to the early 2000s’ emo movement. Since then, skinny jeans have taken over the denim market, with everyone from cashiers at grocery stores to supermodels rocking them. Skinnies are not the most universally flattering jeans though, so there are some dos and don’ts you should follow when wearing them. The skinnies’ usually perfect will have you chasing perfect tops too. Instead, you can use that as an opportunity to experiment with cool accessories and bright colours, especially when the jeans’ wash is traditional. Rather than trying to stuff skinny jeans into tight boots, look into slouchy boots to compliment them. To avoid getting too sloppy, you can tuck that voluminous top that works wonders with skinnies’ hugging silhouette. In fact, try to move from tight-fitting tops altogether and play with oversized proportions, letting skinnies balance the look. Toss away boring outerwear and show your personality with cool coats and edgy boots. Of course, you can always wear them with tees but also do not let the opportunity to layer up slip past you.