Women's Straight Leg Jeans in the UK

Straight-leg jeans are basically the new skinnies. These vintage-inspired jeans are much more comfortable yet as versatile as skinny jeans thanks to the simplest cut. Straight-leg models are not as loose as baggy jeans and not as tight as skinnies. The relaxed silhouette lets you breeze and is much more forgiving to the figure. You can easily dress these jeans up and down to accommodate different impromptu weekend plans. From fashion-focused outfits and dressy evening looks to comfy weekends, straight-leg jeans will be able to make them all work, so go ahead and browse through these looks that we've carefully pieced together.

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The New Skinnies Skinny jeans have been on-trend and pretty much dominated the paint silhouette segment for ages now. Ask most fashion editors and they’ll tell you that’s not the case anymore. These clingy, spray-on styles are going away, which is great since they’re usually too tight and far from flattering more often than not. Straight-leg jeans are here to replace them. Usually sitting at the mid-waist, these silhouettes are chic, comfy, and more flexible than most. That being said, these jeans can make you look short and even pretty frumpy, something that you can easily avoid following these tips. First, dress/accessorise to elongate the legs. Ankle-length straight-leg jeans let you show ample skin but when you’re on the short side, these silhouettes will make you look stumpy, so consider hemming them. Apart from that, we would recommend looking into mid-waist and high-waist pairs since these will give the hips, booty, and waist more definition. Also, high-waist jeans make the legs look longer. Wear these jeans with flats and loafers and you’ll be able to accentuate the legs, creating this nice little illusion even if you weren’t blessed with the longest legs. Since office dress codes are becoming increasingly more casual, straight-leg jeans will let you make formal workwear much more laid-back. You can pair them with tailored blazers, silk shirts, and high heels without worrying about looking over-dressed. Of course, distressed jeans will usually be too much for most office settings, so save those for more casual scenes. With dark washes, high heels, and sparkly accessories, straight-leg silhouettes are able to make you look as chic and sophisticated as any jeans. At the same time, you can always swap the heels for trainers and take off the jewellery to make these jeans work more relaxed scenes.