Women's Plus Size Ripped Jeans in the UK

Still wondering if you are worth wearing ripped jeans? Shake off any doubts and discover our latest drop of plus-size ripped jeans that will help you show off your curves in style. From comfy high-rise mom jeans to modestly classic straights to body-hugging skinnies, we are down with a variety of designs to flatter your shapes instead of covering it up. From black to grey to navy blue to light blue, you'll find the colour to your liking while chunky rips will add a dash of boldness and trendiness. Mix your ripped jeans with shirts and tees, blazers and biker jackets, jumpers and turtlenecks to create an outfit for any season.

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An Instant Edge The history behind ripped jeans goes back to the 70s punk culture. Before that, people used to associate distressed denim with the working class who could not afford to purchase new jeans. From Sex Pistols to Iggy Pop, ripped jeans were becoming symbolic along with the entire punk movement as they fought against the status quo and conservative government. These days, ripped jeans are anything but counterculture. People from all walks of life wear them. The edge is still there though. No jeans but ripped jeans are able to add instant character to any otherwise bland outfit. Though the rips look random, oddly enough, we’re dealing with very delicate science here. First, there’s the difference between holes (cutting through the fabric), shreds (the threads remain, hiding the hole), and scrapes (small abrasions). Fashion experts suggest that holes ought to remain horizontal and always less wide than the jeans’ leg, making sure that the hole does not go against the grain. Also, rips are usually allocated to the thigh, knee, and back pocket areas since rips on calves do not look natural, defeating the jeans’ purpose. Don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard? You can always dress them up, throwing in structured blazers and clean white sneakers to inject a semblance of formality. Printed button-down shirts tucked into distressed jeans are able to give them more depth and let you keep things nice and neat. Add ankle boots to make the attire as age-appropriate as necessary. Oversized coats and long cardigans work better with distressed jeans than you’d expect, especially when paired with high-top sneakers to complete that cool girl look. V-neck tees with ripped jeans is an easy dress up formula that will not fail you, even when amped up with statement accessories like long necklaces and hoop earrings.