Women's Slim Fit Jeans in the UK

Slim-fit jeans sit in the middle between straight-leg jeans and skinny jeans. They're not as bland and baggy as straight can be and not as tight and uncomfortably as skinnies sometimes are. Slims are more versatile than most types. They're able to contour the shape without squeezing the seat, crotch, and thigh areas. Giving you that balance between style and comfort, slim-fit silhouettes are able to accentuate and, sometimes, even define the features while also letting you move freely without restraints. With these jeans, you will be remaining active and mobile without sacrificing style.

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The Perfect Middle Ground You cannot talk slim-fit jeans without comparing them to skinny jeans. Sometimes, you’re barely able to tell the difference between the two. More often than not though, the difference becomes apparent when you put both on. There are not too many people that can claim with 100% honesty that they’re especially comfortable wearing skinny jeans. Usually, the fit is too tight, hugging the thighs too close and squeezing everything in that region. That’s not the case with slim-fits. These jeans are able to highlight the figure yet make sure that you do not suffocate while wearing them. When the fit is too tight anyway, you can opt for jeans that combine denim and stretchy fabrics like polyester, providing great elasticity and making them soft and less restraining. Slims keep the leg opening narrow without flaring, so you can experiment with footwear. Slim-fit jeans are not some novelty item and have been around for quite some time now, dating back to the 1950s when beatniks introduced tight denims to the fashion scene. Hence, the available colours’ range is basically limitless, from standard washes like light blue, navy, and black to anything bold like yellow and red. Before anything else though, slims are versatile. You can easily dress them up and just as easily dress these jeans down. With high-heeled shoes and sleek blazers, you can achieve that fashion-focused look that says both business and nighttime plans. Swap the heels for trainers, take off the blazer, add any t-shirt and maybe a cardigan and you’re giving off that relaxed vibe that will work for any casual scene. Sure, they’re usually not the edgiest silhouettes but with the right accessories, a leather biker jacket, and ankle boots or army boots, you’ll be able to put together an outfit that screams character.