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Cashmere sweaters and cardigans can make for perfect outfits to take you through the autumn or spring transition when weather can be whimsical and changeable. Made from luxury material, they are timeless and classic pieces that have been popular among fashion-conscious women for dozens of years. Due to the lightweight nature and high resistance to wrinkles, cashmere cardis always look elegant and flattering. Unlike other garments that can be a bit itchy or scratchy, cashmere sweaters are incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin. Our collection includes the best styles that will deliver you divine softness and silky feel.

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How to Make Your Cashmere Sweater Last You a Lifetime Did you know that cashmere sweaters and cardigans are not only ultimately warm and comfortable but also one of the most long-lasting garments out there? Actually, cashmere fibres can last up to 30 years provided that you show them a little “tender loving care”. Take heed to these basic tips and your sweaters will keep you cosy and toasty warm for long years to come. First of all, keep moths at bay and try to shave your cashmere cardis on a regular basis. Knits made from natural fibres eventually form fuzz balls in such areas as under your arms or those places where you carry your handbag and the friction occurs. Use a good lint remover to keep them free from fuzz balls. Don't wear your sweater just once and then immediately wash it unless it has some stains, spills or sweat marks. Laundering cashmere clothes is recommended after three or four wears under normal conditions. Moreover, if you wear your cashmere sweater over a base T-shirt, you can up that number. Still, if you want to refresh it after every use, you can air it out for a while. When the time comes, wash your cashmere cardigan in cool water and use a mild detergent with some softener. It’s always a good idea to hand wash it and soak for a couple of hours to achieve fluffiness. Yet, if hand-washing is not an option, turn your cashmere piece inside out and put it in the washing machine for a quick, gentle-cycle spin. Afterwards, you should lay it flat and let it air dry. Since the cashmere material is the most delicate when its fibres are still wet, you should be very careful. The key rule here is not to wring it - just gently press the excess water out of your sweater, put it on a dry towel and roll it up. As soon as the towel absorbs moisture from your garment, shape the sweater and lay it flat to dry.