Women's Wool Sweaters in the UK

Made from most versatile natural fibre, wool sweaters and cardigans are perfect weekend go-to pieces that will never be out of date. Depending on the thickness, wool sweaters can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer because of their excellent breathability and thermal insulation properties. With that, wool garments are quite durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. So, if you look for timeless pieces to keep yourself comfortable and stylish, discover our rich collection of wool sweaters and cardigans. We have the trendiest jumpers, blazers, and cardis to get you covered.

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How to Look Polished Wearing a Chunky Wool Sweater Bulky sweaters get back season after season in their oversized glory because they’re stylish, eye-catching and quite forgiving - with their ability to hide problem areas, they are flattering for just any body shape. Yet, they may look ridiculous if not worn the right way. Throwing on chunky wool sweaters and cardigans without planning a full outfit can make you look sloppy or even a bit frumpy. So, if you don’t want to look like a grandma, here are the chic tricks that can help you exude elegance and flair when wearing your wool sweater. Try to minimise the chunk factor and keep the right proportions. Going too oversized, you risk drowning the rest of your outfit in a sea of knitwear. Choose styles with more flow and less bulk. A big fashion rule is to wear something slim on the bottom, combining it with loose sweaters and tops. Skinny jeans or leather leggings are popular choices of fashion-forward women. Pencil skirts and other fitting styles with slim lines can also spice up your look without making your lower body seem out of proportion. Layer it! If warmth and fashion are dual concerns, you’re free to layer your big sweater in some eye-catching ways. For example, you can wear it over an elegant blouse with a folded-down collar. Or, you can layer it on top of a turtleneck. Cinching your wool sweater with a contrasting vest is also a good way to give more shape and elegance to your look. Lastly, choose footwear with a heel (even 2-3 cm can do the trick) to elongate your legs visually and accentuate your lower body. When it comes to styles, just about any type of boot will be a perfect complement to a flowing sweater. The key is to find a proper style for the bottoms and the sweater and then pick either a complementary or contrasting colour. This way, you’ll draw the eye without upsetting the balance of the overall outfit.