Chiffon Skirts in the UK

There is something irresistibly romantic and expressly ladylike about chiffon skirts. Lightweight and airy, they feel comfy and look flattering on all figures. Flirty and cool in mini, elegant and understated in midi, and extremely stylish in maxi, chiffon skirts are a kind of staple garment for a gal's wardrobe and one-time love for many fashionistas. Below, we offer a wide choice of chiffon skirts in solid colours and prints, different lengths, fits, and designs to match various occasions and create season-appropriate looks for summer and winter alike. So, keep scrolling to pick one of these flowy cuties for your personal collection.

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Wear a Chiffon Skirt All Year Round Unlike velvet and silk with the history dating back to ancient times, chiffon is a really “young” fabric and the product of modern industry. It has a woven structure and originally, it was made of silk fibres. So, it used to be quite an expensive fabric. However, the history of chiffon fabric as we know it today started in 1938 with the invention of nylon. Distinguished by lightweight texture and sheer appearance, chiffon looks very sophisticated and feminine. The fabric is a true “master” of flowy, draped, ruffled, and multilayered designs and complex silhouettes. Creating beautiful volume, it doesn’t add bulkiness, so it’s widely used for dresses, blouses, and skirts. Like other chiffon garments, chiffon skirts are summer staples. However, modern fashion trends and fusion style tendencies allow incorporating airy chiffon skirts into colder season outfits as well and make this bottom work all year round. A long chiffon is truly a summer workhorse. Models in light and bright colours, fancy florals, or exquisite pleats look breezy, relaxed, romantic, and very summery. In the meantime, they are not sweaty and will make you feel comfy even against the dazzling sun. Usually coming in full-flared or soft A-line cuts, maxi chiffon skirts match any figure and look flattering on both slender gals and curvy beauties. You can wear these skirts with tees, slim-fitting tank tops, classy shirts, and boho off-the-shoulder blouses for casual outfits or you can pair them with heels and more elegant tops for dressier looks. A floor-sweeping chiffon skirt with a strapless corset top or a lacy long-sleeve can make a perfect two-piece bridal dress, a bridesmaid dress, or a wedding guest attire depending on the chosen colour. Chiffon skirts in mini translate into cute and adorable doll-like looks good for younger gals and bold fashionistas who seek to show off their slender legs. Mini skirts are most flattering on petite cuties with well-shaped figures or sporty bodies. You can pair them with fitted tops and heels for ballet-like silhouettes or trainers and baggy sweaters for street-style outfits. The type of chiffon skirts that best works for winter wear is a pleated skirt in a midi length. In fact, you can layer it with a whole variety of garments to make it match any scene and setting. In a bundle with classy court heels, an understated blouse, and a tailored jacket or a trench, a midi chiffon skirt will set up neat and fashionable professional looks. In the meantime, wearing a midi chiffon skirt with a fitted sweater, ankle boots, and a biker jacket, you’ll rock an edgy casual outfit appropriate both for city commutes and for a modern office with a less strict dress code. Finally, you can even pair this skirt with a sporty hoodie and trainers to hit the latest fashion trends. Just remember that basic, darker, and muted solid colours work better for winter.