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Silk dresses go hand in hand with temptation. They are airy, flattering, and extremely alluring. No matter the length, a silk dress can enhance your slinky curves and make you look super sexy. It's one of those attires that is definitely worth the red carpet walk. Besides its luxurious and lustrous beauty, a silk dress offers a wide variety of other benefits. It doesn't conduct static electricity and accordingly doesn't cling too tightly to your figure in all the right and wrong areas. Also, it's quite breathable to help you maintain a comfortable temperature without sweating.

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How to Style a Slip Silk Dress? One of the favourite trends for both summer and winter is off-duty silk dresses. They’re comfortable, chic, light, polished, and versatile. Silk dresses have come a long way from the bedroom to the streets, and now they can help you create any outfit, from casual to sophisticated. Here are the basic tips on what to wear with a silk slip dress. If you’d like to dress it down a bit, pair your attire with some casual pieces like loafer slides and a crossbody bag. This will make your whole look seem more effortless. Teaming a silk slip dress with casual accessories is another excellent way to work this trend. Wear leather sandals or ankle boots (for cooler seasons) and leather bracelets to dress down a delicate slip. To create an office-preppy outfit, you can wear a slip silk dress over a button-down shirt. By layering an oxford shirt under your dress, you’ll be able to achieve a fashion-forward mix of classic and cool. For a luxe vibe, you can style a basic slip dress under a robe jacket that will add some texture and detail. For a more edgy look, try pairing your dress with a slightly-oversized leather jacket. Head-to-toe black ensemble is a winning choice for almost any occasion. Combining a mix of textures and layers will make an all-black outfit chic and keep it from looking boring. For instance, you can try to mix a mid-length black slip with a bomber jacket and black tights. Need more sophistication? Swap a bomber jacket for an elegant long-knit cardi. Being a solid cold-weather choice, a slip silk dress can also help you create numerous stylish winter outfits. The easiest way is to wear it under a slouchy sweater. An oversized knit will add extra texture and keep you warm while creating a chic contrast against the silky dress sticking out below. Another great idea to winterise your look is by wearing a velvet top under your dress. If you team a velvet turtleneck in a deep tone with your dress, you’ll achieve an elegant look appropriate for a night date.