Bohemian Dresses in the UK

Bohemian dresses have been around for many years and seems like they will never go out of fashion. They focus on light, flowy fabrics to help you stay in harmony with yourself and nature. A boho dress will help you express your freedom and exquisite sense of style. The zest of bohemian dresses is their loose styles that won't restrict your movement and let you feel your best.

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Without a doubt, bohemian dresses are fun to wear. But if you don’t want to look as if you’ve stuck in the ‘70s, there are some simple tips you should follow. Probably, you already know that layering is a must for a Boho-luxe look. However, you shouldn’t wear all of your favourite things at once. Also, we would recommend you to avoid being too colourful. It’s better to stick to neutral tones and choose one or maximum two accent colours. A natural-looking cotton vest, textured jacket, or long flow cardigan worn over your bohemian dress is a good way to look more Boho. Since Boho chic is all about layers, accessorising is also a must for creating a perfect boho-inspired look. Opt for thin silver bangles, braided bracelets, and leather bracelets. Although Boho chic also goes hand in hand with armbands, we believe they will actually make you look like a hippy rather than a sophisticated woman who follows the latest fashion trends. Also, bear in mind that wearing too many bracelets can make you look dishevelled. You don't need to wear more than two of them. Keep things clean and classy. The same goes for pendants and necklaces. As for other accessories, you can safely complement your summer bohemian dress with vintage-style sunglasses (choose the shape that suits your face the most) and a hat. Fedoras and floppy hats are key elements in Boho chic. Choose wide-brimmed hats in neutral tones and complete your outfit with flats of the same colour. Ballets and Greek sandals are the staples of Bohemian fashion.