Women's Linen Shirts in the UK

A lighter version of its cotton sibling, a linen shirt is not a less hard-working piece and surely not a less versatile one. Simple, cool, and breezy, linen shirts are consonant with summer vibes and evoke the images on seaside sunsets and crowded beaches. At the same time, a linen shirt can be easily layered under cardigans and jackets for creating perfect colder season outfits. One way or another, it's a great all-arounder that will add diversity to your style while being pretty plain and basic by its nature. Still don't have it? Go on and check our latest collection of linen shirts to add this stylish piece to your closet.

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Make It a Wardrobe Core Piece When it comes to clothing, natural fabrics are always a top choice and always among the favourites. Linen fabric is one of the most popular and widely used natural textiles much loved by fashion designers and fashionistas alike. It is used for making skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, and shirts. And the latter have been holding the leading position among linen garments for years. More lightweight and exquisite than a cotton shirt, a linen shirt hits a perfect balance between a polished and relaxed feel and can be easily styled in many different ways. Surely enough, a simple buttoned down linen shirt is a summer staple. You can wear it in a breezy and comfy ensemble with linen trousers or a cotton skirt, throw it over a silky slip dress and tie it on the waist, team it with denim shorts, jeans, or a skirt, or use it as a cover-up for a swimsuit. As such, in summer, a linen button-down can effortlessly be a part of laid back beach looks, cool party looks, casual office outfits, and free-style street images. However, a linen shirt can work beyond the summertime as well. You can safely use it as a layering piece to wear under blazers and jackets in transitional months or under chunky sweaters and warm cardigans on colder days. Thus, a blue linen shirt will make a refreshing touch on winter looks when layered under a mustard yellow or taupe sweater and teamed with navy trousers or khaki jeans. Likewise, it will break down the monochrome look when layered over a black jersey turtleneck and trendy black leather trousers. If you are a fan of overalls like jumpsuits, rompers, and dungaree dresses, linen shirts are one of the best pieces to pair with them. A short or a long-sleeve linen shirt in a solid colour will give the overall outfit a more grown-up and complete look while still keeping you on the comfortable side. For a night out or some special occasion, channel a vintage-style look by wearing a tailored linen button-up tucked into some high-waisted wide-leg trousers. Wear an elegant loose cardigan atop and sleek heels on the bottom to polish the outfit and pull it together.