Off The Shoulder Dresses in the UK

With a hint of Bohemian style, off-the-shoulder dresses are surely among the hottest trends this season. The appeal is very much about showing off some skin and exposing your neck and shoulder, making it a little bit feminine and a little bit sexy. Rocked by many celebs on red carpets, off-the-shoulder dreses are extremely popular right now and endlessly versatile when it comes to styles. A cocktail off-the-shoulder dress can easily become a great option for a night out, while a maxi dress is formal enough for swanky black-tie-events. Our rich collection of off-the-shoulder attires can get you covered, no matter the occasion.

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Some Hacks For Wearing Off-The-Shoulder Dresses Aren't all these off-the-shoulder dresses just darling? But if you plan wearing one during the hot summer, reapplying the sunscreen on your shoulders may be daunting. Or, probably, you simply want to wear this look to the office without exposing too much skin. What about those days when the nights get chilly? The answer is simple - layering. For a polished autumn look, you can pair an off-the-shoulder dress with an elegant cardigan. Choose a cardi with a loose fit around your shoulders so that you can still show off the top portion of your attire. If you’re styling patterned dresses, opt for a cardigan in neutral colours like grey, black, or tan. Yet, you can go bolder when layering beige, black, white or navy blue dresses. Another style hack we love is tossing a classy blazer over your shoulders. It's just so Parisian. For summer nights, there is no reason to sling a whole piece over your shoulders. Instead, opt for a pashmina, scarf, or gauze wrap. They all work well over sleeveless dresses when you want a little more coverage while still showing the cut. Alternatively, you can layer your dress with a jeans jacket or a light blazer. For example, baggy denim jackets look extremely trendy with tight-fitting dresses. Ok, what’s about underwear? If you’re not brave enough to go braless or just need extra support to your breast, wear a high-quality strapless bra. Choose styles in nude colours to prevent underwear from showing under your dress. The same goes for panties. That being said, what works for one doesn’t work for all. For instance, if you have sideways boobs, strapless bras with full cups may sit out from your body and be well-visible through the dress. So, we don’t recommend shopping for a bra offline. It’s always a good idea to go to the nearest department store and try different styles.