Brown Dresses in the UK

Over the years, women all across the globe have embraced dresses in the whole of spectrum colours, except for brown. But it's time to channel the 70s with brown dresses in chocolate, coffee, chestnut, and toast shades. Forget black and white - according to Fendi, Chloe and other fashion designers, the colour combination of this season is brown on brown. So, if you've got that trendy camel coat or some snake-print boots, choose a matching brown dress to complete your top-to-toe brown look. From sophisticated dresses in solid browns to sassy leopard prints, our collection will get you covered.

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Styling a Brown Dress One of the main reasons why many gals banish brown dresses is that they simply don’t know how to wear brown as a centrepiece. But actually, brown is a perfect neutral colour that never fails to look sophisticated and goes with almost everything, so a brown dress doesn’t have to be difficult to wear. It’s also a timeless and versatile piece that can be worn for any occasion, not to mention it’s one of the most flattering styles out there, as it can bring out the warmth in your features. And there are so many other pieces that you can easily match with a brown dress to create different looks. To achieve a stylish business casual look, you can wear a brown suede dress with long sleeves and pair it with a dark green purse. Complete the outfit with pale pink ankle-strap heels to add clean and feminine vibes to it. As far as jewellery goes, delicate gold pieces, such as neat studs and classy pearl necklaces are the perfect way to make this outfit really pop. For an edgy, street-chic look, you can simply wear a brown form-fitting mini suede dress and throw a biker jacket over it. Then complete this low-key sexy outfit with a camel open-toe suede heels and an oversized camel suede bag. A double chain necklace and hoop earrings would make for a playful finishing touch to this ensemble without overwhelming it. To create a very youthful and refreshing outfit, opt for the stylish brown and mustard yellow colour combination. You can pair a brown short-sleeve mini dress with a mustard yellow shoulder purse and some boho-inspired statement necklace. To wrap up the look, put on some pale pink heeled mules that are ultra-trendy this season. If you’re after a fancy and feminine outfit, wear a brown midi bodycon dress as the focal point of your outfit and add a pair of dark green rounded toe platform heels. To complete this outfit elegantly, go for a dark green leather purse. Want to make a brown dress work for cocktail parties or other formal events? Then, simply wear a brown long sleeve mini swing dress and team it with a brown clutch bag and a pair of beige stilettos for a feminine touch. Or, you can walk on the wild side by putting on a pair of animal-print platform sandals instead.