Green Maxi Dresses in the UK

Not only is green a fashionable hue. It's an exciting, natural, calming, and optimistic colour that can make your outfit stream energy and confidence. Just like little black dresses that always get lots of attention, green maxi dresses can help you stand out when everyone else is wearing basic neutrals. Our wide assortment of green maxi dresses can help you get ready for a garden party, brunch, cocktail party, beach wedding ceremony, black-tie-affair and many other events the life throws at you. So, keep on discovering our collection and make your choice in favour of youthfulness and style.

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What Shoes To Wear With Your Green Maxi Dress? They say that shoes make the outfit, yet when you are wearing a chic green gown, you might not want people to pay a lot of attention to your footwear. That’s why we would like to give some kicks on what shoes go best with this safe yet alluring choice of green dresses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing cool mint, apple green, emerald, dark viridian, lime, olive, or even teal and khaki shades of green, there is one colour that will work with absolutely any shade. It’s silver. Ranging from glittery to subdued, metallic footwear, be it a minimalist sandal, brogue or court shoe, will bring an up-to-date feel and modern edge to any hue of green. A warmer alternative to silver is gold that is currently one of the most sophisticated shoe colours. It’s a sunny and luxurious colour that goes amazingly well with warm greens. Light, almost silver-gold shoes will look fabulous with deep green maxi dresses, while rose gold footwear is great for pairing with mint green dresses. When wearing gold heels, go for matching gold accessories. Another true no-brainer is the black shoe. It’s guaranteed to look stunning with anything since it accentuates the depth of the green colour without contrasting too much. With that, black shoes are always elegant and appropriate for black-tie affairs. Another option that won’t leave you a chance to get underdressed is a nude heel in beige or blush hints. Tan shoes are a go-to option for any outfit and one of the best choices for green maxi dresses. In most cases, nude shoes are most flattering for patterned dresses in earthy green tones. Yet, keep in mind that the best ‘nude’ is a flesh tone that matches your complexion. Besides standard black, brown, gold, and silver, you can also go for animal prints. We like how leopard-print court shoes are teamed with green floor-grazes. Ultra-chic, ultra-polished.