Orange Dresses in the UK

Orange is about sun, happiness, joy, and enthusiasm. So, it's no wonder orange dresses look flamboyant and exude energy. The energy of summer, you guess? A default choice for summer months, an orange gown can be worn at any season and will add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe. More than that, orange is not just a vibrant tangerine colour. It embraces many shades from brick to tan orange and tones leaning to peach and brown hues. Get ready for a burst of orange in your collection of seasonal gowns? Then check our latest orange dress selection and take your pick.

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How to Look Great in an Orange Dress Bright colours are trending right now, and orange is not an exception. If you still hesitate about wearing an orange dress, set off all your doubts and dare to hit an orange style. It’s a great way to give your wardrobe basics a day-off and swap those with something different for many occasions. Many gals steer away from orange gowns since they find them difficult to pull off. In fact, they are surprisingly easy to style - just follow our simple tips to come into an orange frame of mind. For a start, find your perfect orange shade. Bright and juicy orange tones naturally fit darker skin leaning to chocolate and olive shades while calm pastel tones flatter on light and warmer skin shades. In terms of seasonal types, both brunettes, blonds, and red-haired gals will shine in an orange dress. The key here is to pick a distinct colour or orange undertone that will not cover you up but rather accentuate your natural beauty. The next thing is makeup and hairstyle. Orange colours are energetic and eye-popping by themselves. Hence, in order not to look too catchy, stick to a neutral palette in your makeup. Even your favourite bright red lipstick will be too much for an orange dress. Like any monochrome garment, an orange frock will make a perfect canvas for accessorising. However, keep in mind that it’s a dress that’s the star of your outfit here and all details should work to complement it. Thus, chic belts, stylish purses and shoulder bags, chunky necklaces and bracelets are all welcomed but should be properly balanced. Don’t go overboard with accessories. In jewellery, prioritise silver for bigger items while gold is good for some more exquisite and sophisticated pieces. When it comes to colour matching, though bold by nature, orange allows for many colour combinations, depending on the occasions and your overall style. Basically, it works like a charm with neutrals like beige, nude, and earth tones. A classy sheath dress in brick orange teamed with patent nude shoes and a beige blazer will easily bring you to work. At the same time, such colour pairs as orange with emerald green, deep purple, or navy blue look spontaneous and preppy for autumn and winter. And combos with white pink or sky blue are good for the summer season. To make a final note on footwear, the options are vast and depend on your orange dress style. Bright and bold orange dresses most often call for heels and sophisticated designs like pointed toes, ankle straps, or stilettos. Nude shades, leopard prints, or metallics will further highlight the boldness of the dress. Casual orange dresses, on the other hand, make friends with chunky heels, wedges, and knee highs. And fancy orange dresses like those you’d normally wear for a cocktail or some sort of party will rock when paired with classy shoes, patent courts, or sleek strappy sandals.