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A white lace dress is something you can wear both to the beach and to the wedding. Crisp, clean, airy, and exquisite, white lace gowns are ladylike and fresh, eye-catching and subtly sexy. They've been hitting summer trends for many seasons and are not going to stop. Festive and high-profile or casual and relaxed, white lace dresses can be anything you want. Romantic and sweet by nature, these gowns can be effortlessly built into edgy and bold looks. Whether you want a summer staple or seek a spin on your basic wardrobe, a white lace dress might be both a safe play and a game-changer for you.

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A White Lace Dress: Dare to Style It Differently White gowns in lace are a perfect mixture of purity and intricacy. There is something simple and whimsical about them at the same time. It’s a sort of dress that can make you look feminine and romantic or confident and chic depending on how you style it. And styling iterations are really numerous. You are free to dress it up and down, make it show up elegant, casual, understated, sleek, or even with a certain degree of brutality to it. A white lace frock is versatile enough for you to discover more and more new looks. Start slow. If you are not into the lace sophistication yet and still shy away from all-lace gowns, go for lace trims and details instead. The first thing that comes up to mind is flared boho-style frocks with lacey inserts and lace-trimmed hems and sleeves. They make best friends with strappy flat or gladiator sandals for effortless summer looks and leisure beach outfits. And a blue denim jacket atop with trainers or ballet flats will make this dress good for early autumn and late spring. Keep it simple. Lace always gives structure and texture and is decorative by its own right. So, despite the crispness and purity of the white colour, it doesn’t need too many added details. Some minimalistic accessories or a neat belt will suffice. Even wearing the right shoes can finalise and level up the look. Classy heels will add elegance and style, block heels will lend confidence, wedges will keep it balanced and comfy, and ankle boots will make it bold and grungy. From day to night affairs. White lace dresses are that versatile, really. Lacey bodycons or midi A-line dresses and stilettos will bring you straight to a cocktail or hot date. Meanwhile, mules and blazers or ankle booties and chunky knits can dress those frock down to more casual and off-duty day looks. Add colours. One way or another, even in lace, white is white, it’s a clean canvas allowing for some colour splashes. And the good thing is that any contrasting colour will do. Just avoid too bold prints since the texture of lace and catchy patterns might play a bad trick and look overstyled.