Black Sequin Dresses in the UK

Fashion trends are seasonal, but what seems to never go out of fashion is a sequin dress. Much like floral dresses that are associated with spring, sequin attires are synonymous with the festive period. They cover you up in a very glitzy and glamorous way. However, if you're new to the sequin game or just want to add a shimmering little sequin something to your wardrobe, you can't go wrong with a black sequin dress. Being a type of an iconic LBD, it'll let you get the luxe vibe in a low key way. So, if you'd like to feel cool yet not overly gaudy, our selection of dark sequin dresses will get you covered.

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Sequins for the Daytime? Agree, it's quite easy to wear a sequined dress if you're going to a fancy dinner or a posh gala, but what about incorporating sparkles into the everyday wear? This may be a quite daunting task, and if you're looking for the best ways to create an outfit with a fun, shimmery spin that would work just as well for office hours as it would for night drinks, keep on discovering the best ideas. Actually, it's pretty easy to wear sequins in the daytime if we’re speaking about mini or midi dresses. The only thing to remember is that the black sequin dress IS already the accessory that should make the only statement. So, you don’t even need to think about accessorising it with something sparkly pieces. Let the black sequin dress be the focal point of your look and don’t overwhelm it with glitzy accessories. Keep everything else very minimal and pair your dress with a classy blazer or leather jacket for the chic daytime ensemble. Opt for low heel footwear to complete this look. Neutral tan shoes and a nude bag will work just fine. Be it a clutch or a tote, make sure your bag has no bling on it and isn’t shiny in any way. Also, forget about statement necklaces when you’re wearing a sequin apparel in a casual manner. Some simple studs, a plain ring, and, probably, a tiny bracelet will be enough. All that being said, the “minimalist” rule doesn’t apply to using a black sequin dress as eveningwear. If you’re rocking a black sequin dress for some holiday events or posh black-tie affairs, you may need to stay at a dressier side. Then you can team your gorgeous dress with high heels and delicate jewellery like chandelier earrings or a luxe pendant. Make an up-do hairstyle to enhance your shiny dress and elegant accessories, and be creative about your makeup. Say “yes” to dramatic smokey eyes.