Striped Dresses in the UK

Still not sure about wearing stripes? You shouldn't be! Start from our latest collection of striped dresses to replenish your wardrobe with a couple of steaky cuties. Multicolour and monochrome, horizontal and vertical, wide and narrow, here, you'll find all possible variations of striped patterns represented in a whole range of different styles and designs. Sailor style maxis for slim gals, bright striped minis for slender legs, streaky maxi dresses for business ladies, and more gowns are represented to relish any taste. Catching eyes, stripes will also help you sharpen your curves.

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Body-shaping and Trendy Stripes Stripes are virtually an “immortal” trend and striped dresses have been one-time favs for decades, especially when it comes to warm and sunny seasons. Catchy, jazzy, vivid, sleek, subtle, and delicate, stripes are extremely versatile. And, as such, streaky dresses can help you channel out just about any style shades, from flirty chic to playful seashore vibes to business casual. Aesthetic and enchanting, stripes have also an incredible figure-shaping potential. With a proper choice of a striped dress, you can conceal your weaknesses and highlight your strengths in a delicate but appropriate way or even turn your little flaws into advantages. Being a solid trend for seasons and definitely having a long life ahead, stripes only change in colours, size, and patterns. In practice, horizontal and vertical stripes lend a different visual effect. It is interesting that horizontal stripes, unlike a common belief, do not add bulk or volume to the body and can actually make a plus-size figure look much more balanced by smartening the shapes and lines. Vertical stripes, in turn, work great when you need to add some length or height to the body to visually elongate your silhouette. Thus, they are ideal for petite frames and shorter bodies. Finally, diagonal stripes allow changing body proportions in a way, smoothening the lines and making midsection less prominent. Coming down to striped lines size, it also matters a lot. Thicker stripes have a widening and broadening effect to them while thinner ones provide a slimming effect. The streaky dress cut also shouldn’t be disregarded in this concern. Close-fitting dresses look more ladylike and elegant in thin stripes while thicker striped patterns are more appropriate for loose and oversized fits or floaty designs. When it comes to the colour game, it’s always tricky and the more so with the stripes. To make it a tad bit easier, remember that dark colours tend to diminish while bright colours look bigger. Thus, dark colour combos will perfectly hide some body flaws while a contrast of vivid and darker hues will make you look bolder and spontaneous without adding too much volume. Finally, light-colour stripe blends are great for anybody, subject to following the pattern size principle for your body type.